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Celiac Disease My Story.

Since I was a teenager I had strange episodes of mania or unusual behavior. I was often angry and critical of myself and others. I was usually sad and often depressed. My sour demeanor led to being a victim of abuse by peers and others. At times I acted as if I was drunk and did things that I would never do in my normal self. I could not understand why I was different or why my moods would go up and down. Sometimes in a day I would go from happy to sad and back to happy. I was incorrectly diagnosed as manic or bi-polar depressive. I tried numerous depression prescriptions to no avail. Usually they made my symptoms worse, one nearly killed me and caused me to be fired form a good job.

I searched and searched without success until at the age of 66.

I first learned about Celiac disease when my grandson reached age ten and stopped growing, he was much smaller than his peers. Celiac can cause children to stop growing. Fortunately his pediatrician knew that Celiac could cause this, tested him and found he was Celiac.

After several years on the Celiac diet he is now equal size to his peers. His mother my daughter told me she suspected I had it, because I had many of the same symptoms. I researched it then began the diet. Several times after starting the diet, I got contaminated and within two days I became suicidal. Unlike most food allergies that produce immediate allergic reactions, gluten often will not cause a reaction for a day or two. This means one who has the reaction does not connect it to food eaten days previously.

90% of my former depression problems disappeared when I went on a Celiac diet. I still had some problems, and eventually realized my oatmeal for breakfast was causing problems for me. Celiac upsets the digestive tract making it hard to digest grains such as oats and especially corn and they will mimic the symptoms of Celiac.

I had been sleeping up to 20 hours a day and .after three years on a gluten free diet every aspect of my health improved dramatically. It did not restore all of my health immediately, for me at my senior age it took a long time to improve. Also like others I have had a very hard time avoiding both hidden gluten in foods and and overcoming my craving for delicious foods.

I would cheat and eat a gram cracker or two and other small amounts of gluten that would make me less happy or cause minor manic episodes. Because they were small I did not think gluten was really bothering me.

Recently I ate one piece of pizza and within two hours I became vocally critical of others and the next day I did an act of terrible inconsideration and acted as it I was drunk. My normal happy and friendly behavior became mean and inconsiderate. I was not able to recognize that I was not in my normal personality. If this occurred at home it would not be so bad, but it occurred publicly and my actions hurt others. How can I express my degree of embarassment or sorrow for such an action that will be understood.

This type of behavior had occurred a few times in my past, but never before had I been able to connect it to gluten food. I cannot undo my inappropriate actions, but I can increase my resolve to avoid gluten foods and hopefully avoid future bad actions.

Unfortunately most people, especially those in main stream medical will not acknowledge that anything except thoughts and emotions can cause such behaviors. This is sad because many people are not getting help they deserve. Some who commit terrible acts may do so because of Celiac, Lyme or Candida disease.

I write this article in the hope it may help others connect the dots that took me years. If you, or anyone you know has depression, mood swings, anger issues, chronic fatigue, head aches, brain fog or unexplained illness, please get tested for Celiac disease. It is estimated that up to 30% of european decent people have it and do not know it.

For more information and scientific research see Celiac disease.

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