The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Low fat foods do not lower obesity, they cause it!!!

Stop eating low fat and eat natural fats in moderation. Researchers are discovering eliminating meats actually deprives us of important essential amino acids that control weight and vitality. Other research indicates that we should eat natural oils (meats) but they should not exceed more than 25% of our diet.

Read the home page and especially view the increase in disease chart. Use the search box to query the topics in this article to see tons of scientific research. Or Google the topics and see others documents about how low fat, MSG, artificial sugars and excitotoxins are making us fat and sick.

If you want to lose weight, change your diet first, then exercise and other treatments may start to work better for you.

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