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Mind and Health

There is a lot of controversy about how much thoughts effect health and if it does or does not affect our health. In med schools doctors are taught that up to 80% of every patient they see will be a hypochondriac. See my article about hypochondria for more information about this unproven theory and how it is responsible for causing harm to a lot of people.

New information is disproving the outdated hypochondriac theories such as Dr. Emoto's pictures and Dr. Mark Hyman's book "The UltraMind Solution"

I have been confused for years on this topic especially since my youth I desired to become successful. As life advanced I did not know why I suffered from so many mental issues. See my Celiac story.  It motivated me to study aspects of achieving success and for a time I subscribed to the theory that my mind could control all aspects of my life. After learning more about health, I recognized there are other things that block ones ability to control our life with thoughts alone.

As I started writing about the topic that our mind is not the ultimate solution, that almost everyone else believes, I received some critical comments.

Mind Power theories became popular with Napoleon Hill who stated that what ever the mind can conceive and believe he can achieve. W. Clement Stone, Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale and many others, (in fact everyone who write about success) have adopted this theory. I will refer to this theory and the "Mind Power Theory."

Here is a link to a review of an article that spoofs the Mind Power Theories.  It is similar to my new book "My Path" that chronicles my discovery of how the mind works to achieve ones highest path in life.

The question in my mind as I pondered how much my mind determined my life and health was portrayed in the pictures by Dr. Emoto a Japanese scientist. *

For anyone not familiar with Dr. Emoto's experiments here is a brief description. He took water from the same source for matching pictures, separated it into separate small viles, taped names or statements on each, or played music, then let it sit overnight, then flash froze it, then sliced it and photographed it under a microscope.

After viewing these pictures there was no question in my mind that my thoughts do affect my health and my life. Many use these pictures to verify that the Mind Power Theory is valid and the most important aspect of life. It has been broadly accepted and has become the foundation for success advocates and medical practitioners. They suggest that these pictures support the Mind Power Theory.

I suggest you look again at the pictures and this time see that they are not just a reflection of thoughts but of what a person or thought is. This is best illustrated in the two pictures of Mother Teresa and Adolph Hitler. It is not the thought of these two people that is reflected in their pictures, but what they were. In other words the pictures reflect the goodness or lack of goodness in each example.

This means to me that the water was not changed by a thought, but by the value of goodness. It is that everything in life has a value of goodness or evil reflected or defined by positive vs. negative. In the pictures goodness is reflected with greater light and evil has less light, darkness or lack of organization. Notice how Mother Teresa and all positive thoughts or emotions are organized as a crystal of light. Negative things like Hitler are not organized and are darker. The ones of music provide additional proof to me that it is the mood or emotion that is reflected not a thought alone.

If one is a Christian and studies Christ's teachings they will note that He taught values, emotional thoughts, not mind power. Many claim that Christ's teachings about faith are Mind Power and one can get anything they want through faith. If one studies all the verses in both the Old and New Testaments they will see that Mind Power is opposite to the definition of faith. See my faith article. Faith will not work without obeying all God's commandments. Thus if one claims to get accumulation by faith without love and righteousness they are not getting it from God, but another source. 2 Corinthians 11:14 and Christ's third temptation where the devil offers wealth to worship him. Luke 4:5 When we put our hearts on accumulation or getting anything we want, including health by Mind Power we are worshiping the devil not God and the devil will become our paymaster not God. Matthew 6:24

What this means is that the Mind Power will work through the power of the devil, but not in the ways that are in alignment with God.

Christ repeatedly taught that the emotion of greed with the desire for money or power was not the way to eternal life.

Our human frailty is to want Mind Power to to give us anything we want. Many teach that if one is sick, poor, or not successful in obtaining money the are weak or stupid. Again that is not what Christ taught.

For example if it were only Mind Power and wealth, why did Christ choose to be born in a stable when by birthright He should have been born in a palace as the King of the Jews? If wealth were important, why did Christ chose to live a life of poverty without grabbing the power of his birthright? Instead He taught humility and love.

Next take the examples of great leaders in the Old Testament of Adam and Eve sent into a baron world to earn their bread by sweat and overcome thorns and thistles. Of Job and his trials of sickness, loss of children and wealth. Isaac who endured years of hardship of bondage by his father-in-law, then through miracle of a stripped stick he was given great wealth. Not by his Mind Power but by the blessings from God.

One of the greatest examples of the providence of man is the example of Joseph the son of Jacob who was sold as a slave and excelled to the trusted manager for a wealthy man, who's wife betrayed him, was sent to prison, became the keeper of the jail and its keys, then second in command of all Egypt. Then when he revealed himself to his brothers, instead of being mean or condemning them, he forgave them and said, "you did not do this to me", but God did it to save you from the famine. Genesis 45: 3.

Next consider the parable of the rich man poor man and how the beggar obtained heaven and the rich man condemned to hell. Luke 16: 19.

The greatest example is Christ submitting Himself to persecution and death.

If one does not consider Christ or the Bible than maybe they will recognize that the teachings of Buddha, Mohamed and others condemned the desire for money and taught the importance of love.

We are small in the sight of God and yet we want to think our Mind Power can control the Universe as if we are in charge and can get anything we want.

Buy my book "My Path" or download a free sample and see my path to discover how ones mind must be used to obtain the best path in life.

* Dr. Emoto's pictures are used with written permission provided I state that they do not endorse me or my views.

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