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Multivitamins and Suppliments
Posted on December 1, 2012 by admin

Do you suffer from depression, immune problems, Type II Diabetes, fatigue? Your supplements may be contributing to the cause.

Anyone with an autoimmune condition, which is most of us to some degree, may not be able to tolerate copper. Copper is in almost every multivitamin. If we are taking a copper supplement and also taking omega3, eating apples, dark turkey or nuts we are likely to have too much copper. Copper toxicity can cause depression, brain swelling and a host of problems. Zinc, selenium and manganese can chelate it

Zinc is vital to our immune system and brain. Researchers state we usually have enough zinc, but it is not working because we do not have enough of the right Selenium. Most multivitamins have mineral based Selenium that is toxic at 400icu and researchers state we need 800icu a day and that vegetable based has been tested up top 12,000icu a day without side effects.

Vitamin D deficiency causes depression, immune problems and other diseases including Type II diabetes. Many supplements do not have enough of the right kind of vitamin D, and have the wrong type, D2 instead of D3 which is the only one that actually helps our body.

Beware of the supplement’s doctor’s reports that favor the product, quote research, but do not reference it so you can verify it. Too many products are based on making a profit and misrepresent their research, put conflicting items in them, too much or too little, and do not really know what they are doing.

THE SOLUTION: become educated with actual science not sales reports, so you can make wise decisions for your best health.
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