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Plastics (BPA)

Date Written 8-21-10
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised  

Plastics (BPA) toxins are weakening our immune and hormone systems

Reports 3 & 4 are particularly disturbing because scientist indicate PPA disrupts our sexual behavior and our immune system. Over all BPA is especially harmful to infants, and effects their entire lives. The reports below are just a few to verify the dangers of BPA.

Oxidative Stress, hypothalamus, and sexual problems suggest that homosexual, lesbian and transgender orientations and sexual problems are being adversely effected by toxic chemicals not genetics or thoughts.

We suggest the reader to do further research by entering terms found in the reports to find more information on their own.

1. "The lab detected BPA in fifty-seven percent of all cans...BPA is associated with a number of health problems and diseases that are on the rise in the U.S. population, including breast and prostate cancer and infertility. Given widespread human exposure to BPA and hundreds of studies showing its adverse effects, the FDA and EPA must act quickly to set safe levels for BPA exposure based on the latest science on the low-dose toxicity of the chemical.."

2."ScienceDaily (Sep. 5, 2008) — New research from the University of Cincinnati (UC) implicates the primary chemical used to produce hard plastics—bisphenol A (BPA)—as a risk factor for metabolic syndrome and its consequences...In a laboratory study, using fresh human fat tissues, the UC team found that BPA suppresses a key hormone, adiponectin, which is responsible for regulating insulin sensitivity in the body and puts people at a substantially higher risk for metabolic syndrome.Metabolic syndrome is a combination of risk factors that include lower responsiveness to insulin and higher blood levels of sugar and lipids. According to the American Heart Association, about 25 percent of Americans have metabolic syndrome. Left untreated, the disorder can lead to life-threatening health problems such as coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.Nira Ben-Jonathan, PhD, and her team are the first to report scientific evidence on the health effects of BPA at environmentally relevant doses equal to "average" human exposure. Previous studies have primarily focused on animal studies and high doses of BPA.They report their findings in the Aug. 14, 2008, online edition of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. This scientific data comes just before a key Federal Drug Administration meeting about the safety of the chemical in consumer products scheduled for Sept. 16, 2008. (Webmaster's Note: Metabolic syndrome is Oxidative Stress see our page on it. Click )

3."This effect of BPA on weight is critical because alterations in metabolism, are frequently associated with reproductive dysfunction. Collectively, the results of this and our prior study indicate that the impact of neonatal BPA exposure within the female rat hypothalamus is region specific and support the hypothesis that developmental BPA exposure may adversely affect reproductive development in females." PMID: 20696184 (Webmaster note: Remember that the immune system is regulated by the hypo cretin system. ie hypothalamus.see how the immune system works)

4."These results indicate that BPA has a powerful effect on specific portions of the nNOS-immunoreactive system (immune system) belonging to the accessory olfactory system (sense of smell) that are particularly important for the control of sexual behaviour. In addition, they confirm that perinatal exposure (prenatal) to endocrine-disrupting chemicals, in particular to BPA, may have a high impact on the organisation of specific neural pathways that can later affect complex behaviours and functions." PMID: 20561153 (Webmaster note: in other words this report indicates prenatal exposure to BPA causes deviations in sexual behavior, and messes up our immune system. Remember that the immune system is regulated by the hypo cretin system.)

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