The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Warning! Herbs can be harmful, do not take herbs until you read this!!

Herbs are powerful medicine and must be used wisely.

One of the reasons I began this web site is because numerous nutritionist and manufacturers are publishing unfounded claims without warnings about the dangers of unwise use of herbs.

Herbs can provide wonderful help. Did you know that most drugs are created from herbs or their chemistry. We have many scientific reports on this site about how herbs can help. Yet you must be careful and determine for yourself if the item is good for you. Listen to your body and if you take something and have a sluggish mind, change in mood or change in energy, you need to stop or reduce taking it.

With that said some herbs can stop or treat many diseases and may be your best avenue for better health. Learn to use them with prudence and wisdom.

How to Use Herbs Warning about Herbs
  • Review reports about herbs or disease to see what the scientist say, then make an informed decision. I never take what the marketer or liable says without comparing it to scientific research. This site contains a lot of such research.
  • I muscle test them before I buy them, even if it from an online store, then I test them each time before I ingest them.
  • I am careful in taking multiple items:
    • Combining herbs can increase the the power of the group more than individually. For example if you take 5 separate herbs and each container recommends you take one capsule a day for a safe dosage the combined group may be much stronger, and can exceed what is safe.
    • Not all combinations (even products sold) of herbs are compatible; they may conflict or they may have similar chemistry that multiplies the effects.
  • I have learned to listen to my body: After taking an item, do I get a sluggish brain, slower thinking, aches or pains I did not have before? This may be bad, or it may be good, however learning to feel what my body is experiencing is essential. Some times nutrition and even drugs can cause a reaction that increases problems, but it may not mean it is bad. see herxheimers reaction
  • I have found that the most important thing for me is giving my body a rest period. Herbs are powerful and can cause the dislodging of toxins that the liver cannot remove as fast as they are dislodged. This can overload the liver and organs and make one sick. see herxheimers reaction When I take a set of herbs or treat a condition, I take them for four days and then give my body three days without any herbs to adjust and catch up.
  • Since the liver's function is so important and since Turmeric is reported by scientist to help the liver, I take Turmeric anytime I take a series of nutrition to help boost the liver's ability to process any toxins. see Turmeric
  • I take lots of pure water every day, but especially when taking nutrition products. See water report
  • I have learned that I cannot expect any nutrition to be effective if I do not stop ingesting negative foods. For example foods with MSG or excitotoxins not only make me sick, but negate any nutrition I take. Diet coke is especially toxic to me even though I crave and love it. I muscle test foods to see if they are harmful for me, for example I am Celiac and wheat and bread products are very harmful. No amount of herbs or supplements can offset the harm wheat does to a person with Celiac.
  • I have studied how to muscle test and I use it before I purchase or ingest any nutrition. Muscle testing may not provide 100% accurate answer, but it is better than buying or using nutrition products blindly. See Muscle Testing

Many say herbs are not good and that they are bad for us. In some ways they are right because too many herboligist over use and combine too many compounds with too much potency.

Herbs are very powerful and can cause great harm if not used wisely.

Too often supplements with multiple herbs are combined without regard for their affect on the other herbs and the combinations can conflict with each other or cause adverse reactions.

Few supplement manufacturers take into consideration that the combination of multiple herbs synergyses. This synergy action results in more power than if the herb was taken separately. The same action occurs when ingesting multiple herbs or supplements at the same time.

To much or too many supplements, herbs or vitamins can result in too much power and overload the liver and kidneys. The result can lead to health problems, liver or kidney failures. It can also affect the mind and cause mental issues.

Too often nutritionist wrongfully teach if an herb helps, then more of it is good.

That can be very dangerous and harmful, It is like eating one green apple then saying it did not hurt me so I can eat a dozen, then get a stomach ache. Herbs should not be used more than the safe dosage.

Knowing what is a safe dosage can be a problem because everyone reacts differently. What is safe yesterday or for you or someone else may not be good for you today.

Even doctors have this problem and will say take this prescription and let me know if you have any problems.

That is because everyone reacts differently to a drug or herb. Just because it helped someone else does not mean it will work for you. This is one reason I do not like testimonials about supplements.

See Muscle Testing


Be wise and educated, it is your body and you need to know for yourself what is right for you. On this site I carefully avoid making unsubstantiated claims and include not only the science behind every statement, but also the link so you can see and verify it for yourself.

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