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Fimbria fimbriae (bacterium)

Wow this a tremendous topic! Protozoa such as e coli have to have fimbria in order to cling to our cells and body. Without fimbria toxic bacteria cannot do us damage!!! Magnesium oxide kills or impedes fimbria.

Can it be so simple as stopping fimbria to improve our immune system?


1. "...Fimbriae are used by bacteria to adhere to one another and to adhere to animal cells and some inanimate objects. A bacterium can have as many as 1,000 fimbriae. Fimbriae are only visible with the use of an electron microscope. They may be straight or flexible..."

2. Description and pictures of fimbria

3. "Antibacterial activity of honey is due to the presence of methylglyoxal (MGO),..." MGO is magnesium oxide. This report shows that Magnesium Oxide kills bacteria activity.

4.Magnesium Oxide impedes bacteria growth

5. This scientific report will be hard to read yet it boldly states Magnesium Oxides ability to impede bacteria growth and to help bone marrow and stem cells is remarkable and a major finding.


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