The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Electricity and Health


This is a support page for the lymphology page. I recommend you read the lymphology page first as it will give you a foundation to understand this page.

This page is a collection of research to prove that when we bounce up and down we generate electrical energy. Dr. West states the human body jumping up and down on a trampoline generates electricity. Dr. West uses experiences of people being healed or helped while bouncing which provides some data to support his theory. However that data is not absolute in that there may be a number of other causes including stimulation of the lymph system without electricity. Until I can obtain scientific research to substantiate this claim I consider it a theory. Below are my collections of research to try and substantiate his theory. If you have any scientific information to substantiate his theory please contact me. I am not trying to discredit this theory but to prove it.

1. This site shows a picture of a device that uses an automobile shock absorber to generate electricity. What is important with this device is that it demonstrates an electrical armature in a generator does not have to turn. In this device the armature moves back and forth similar to the human body moving up and down. Obviously it is still a big stretch to believe the magnetic forces in the world provide the field for the human body to generate electricity. This device only proves that an armature does not have to rotate to generate electricity. Auto

2. Some interesting electrical generators, unrelated maybe, maybe not? Eco Friend

3. How much electrical energy does the human body generate?

4. The miracle of electricity in the human body.

5. "the backpack device was too heavy to wear, although it generated a lot of electricity as it bounced up and down" eNews

6. This site has information substantiating the sodium potassium pump but gives it a different definition. The important point is that it explains the exchange of sodium and potassium (sodium potassium pump) generates electricity. How Stuff Works

7. "The inside and outside of most of our cells are bathed with fluid containing positively and negatively charged ions (e.g. sodium Na+; potassium K+; chloride Cl_). Using complex biological ‘pumps’, (sodium potassium pump) the cell’s machinery is able to transport positively charged ions through the (semi) permeable membrane, with the end result being that there is a slight excess of negatively charged ones inside. This means there will be an electric potential across the membrane, so that the inside and outside are like the positive and negative poles on a battery,"..."This whole cycle of charge, discharge, chemical release, breakdown, and remanufacture, can happen several hundred times per second." Answers in

8. This source refers to scientific documentation that thoughts can influence our organs. "Central nervous system and autonomic measures: Psychophysiology relates individual mental functions to physiological signatures, as exemplified in recent years by functional brain imaging. Historically, peripheral autonomic measures dominated psychophysiology research with cognitive and emotional processes expressed as measurable, but often independent, functional changes in heart, blood vessels, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, eye, skin and muscles. Autonomic outflow is orchestrated in a feedback-dependent hierarchy from local end-organ or spinal reflexes, proximate autonomic nuclei within medulla, pons and lateral hypothalamus, up to higher subcortical and cortical brain regions, including amygdala, insula, orbital and medial prefrontal, cingulate and even primary motor cortex, which couple the regulation of bodily state to motivational behaviours (Benarroch, 1997; Craig, 2002). Here, neuroimaging has greatly enhanced knowledge regarding whole-brain neural mechanisms for efferent modulation and afferent representation of internal bodily state. Below we briefly discuss specific psychophysiological measures within a neuroimaging context. Pub Med

The above reports prove beyond a doubt that thoughts can effect changes in our organs as well as our physical and mental chemistry by the medium of electricity.

I began my research on this page to find documentation that bouncing generates electricity in the body. I did not expect to find proof that thoughts use electricity to change our organs, skin temperature, breathing, blood chemistry and so on. One of my resistance's to accept some of Dr. West's teachings was the concept of a verbal statements ability to influence body organs. Dr. West's use of this science along with the theory to generate electricity by bouncing is astonishing to say the least.

Report 8 along with the others above prove the body's health is affected by electricity. The healthy function of the sodium potassium pumps is essential for proper health. The health of the sodium potassium pumps are affected by the lymph systems ability to balance sodium and potassium. This in turn is affected by the blood capillaries processing blood proteins. The act that the capillaries can process proteins and its affect on disease is being obscured by AMA and others. Diseases that the teachings by Dr. West may allow us to eliminate. The research I am finding and referencing indicates this is not a speculation or hypothesis but a scientifically proven fact.

For years I have scoffed at the concepts of many success and health modalities use of thought statements often called affirmations to influence the health of the body. After reading report 8 above I am converted to the fact that thoughts can change ones health.

The links provided above prove the sodium potassium pumps generate electricity and that their healthy function to generate electricity greatly affects our health. What is still to prove is, does bouncing increase the body's ability to generate more electricity than it does normally? If I can find proof of this, Dr. West's teachings will be near complete validation?

Read on below for research to prove or disprove this concept.

9. "To REALLY make the voltage go up, leap into the air while touching the meter's lead wire." Measuring Body Electricity The report does not explain the concept of bouncing but shows the body increases electrical energy by jumping. This site has very interesting information about body electricity. One of the points mentioned in this site is that waving ones hand near a mental plate can measure an electrical flow. This gives substance to two of the items used by Dr. West, one of using the hands by touch or by waving movement to facilitate healing and the other that the movement of the body transfers electrical energy. This gives a small degree of indication that bouncing generates electricity.

10. "Both these glands in the head region of a human being are, then, in various respects interwoven with the etheric sphere of light, as well as with the subterranean sphere of electricity. In this regard contemprary humans have the option to either consciously develop their morality with the aid of altruistic acts of will, penetrated by love, or to yield to base inclinations and instincts laced with uninhibited selfishness that can pour into them. And this is not without consequences for the future development and function of these two glands. In this context Rudolf Steiner drew attention to the fact that an etheric stream of light flows through the human being, that links heart and blood stream to the pituitary gland, and that, in certain moments, makes manifest (for the one who has developed such a supersensual perception) a person's moral principles and qualtities.(21) "..."It is generally known that a magnetic field is produced by electric currents that can be measured by magneto-encophalograms (MEG) from a distance of up to one meter from the head.(10) As already mentioned, the magnetic field of human beings and that of higher animals interact closely with the magnetic field of the earth.(11) According to Rob Baker the human magnetic organ is situated in the bones of the spenoid/ethnoid sinus, directly in front of the pituitary gland. This organ is obviously able to feel the earth-magnetic north alignment.(12) A further highly sensitive electromagnetic point in the human brain is in the domain of the pineal gland. The electric direct-current system in the brain that acts on the consciousness, reacts sensitively to very weak frequencies in the ELF channel (extremely low frequencies). These effects show up only in the particular ELF domain that would apply also to natural micropulsations of a terrestrial magnetic field." Electricity and human Consciousness This report has numerous indicators to the strength of earths magnetic fields and human behavior as well as light and electricity. An exciting aspect of this report is that it states looking into the eyes sends a light and electrical impulse directly to the pineal and pituitary glands. This means one person can look into the eyes of another and transfer electrical energy which equal thoughts and information. This site presents that these two organs greatly effect our entire moral and physical system. That these two organs are affected by earths magnetic fields as well as light, and electricity. Another aspect presented in this report is the power of mind control by others upon an individual that has low self esteem or a low moral value system. That one with strong moral standards is less vulnerable to mind control by others. This report suggests that moral standards and self esteem determine the amount of light and electricity in a person. That light and electricity are indicators of ones moral strength and self esteem. This report does not say it, but provides some information to suggests that bouncing may generate greater electricity in the body.

11. "The pineal gland is the evolutionary descendant of our ancestors' ability to perceive light. It also regulates the circadian rhythms
of the body, biological rhythms that are attuned to the day-night cycle, (Celtoslavica, Electricity and Human Consciousness); these 'rhythms' can be and have been disrupted by electromagnetic fields, both naturally occurring as well as man-made. The pituitary gland controls and influences all other hormonal organs which report back to the pituitary gland(Celtoslavica, Electricity and Human Consciousness); in fact, the pituitary gland is largely responsible for the overall functioning and efficiency of the human nervous system."..."As postulated by the scientists interviewed in the article, it makes sense that human beings have the innate ability to sense electromagnetic phenomena"..."Chi, too, is an electromagnetic phenomenon. Chi is energy; light energy; bio-electromagnetic energy; electricity. The degree of strength in an electromagnetic impulse is the difference between the heart pumping vs. a heart attack. When building chi, it is important to understand, important to know, that the electricity you are both introducing to your body as well as augmenting within your body, can be controlled/manipulated by your mind; without direct and focused intent, the electrical impulses will be raw, hot, and uncomfortable."..."In the previously quoted Reader's Digest article, researchers as far back as 1983 were able to accelerate cellular regeneration in adult rats by intruding electromagnetic waves to afflicted parts of their bodies; humans too, have been shown to have enhanced healing at the cellular level when electromagnet fields are introduced. At the same time, it has been well documented that people exposed to high intensity electromagnetic fields, such as those created by power-line generators, are more susceptible to cancerous develops, such as leukemia." Electricty and the Human Body

12. Using newly developed voltage-sensitive nanoparticles, researchers have found that the previously unknown electric fields inside of cells are as strong, or stronger, as those produced in lightning bolts. Previously, it has only been possible to measure electric fields across cell membranes, not within the main bulk of cells, so scientists didn't even know cells had an internal electric field. This discovery is a surprising twist for cell researchers. Scientists don't know what causes these incredibly strong fields or why they' are there. But now using new nanotools, such as voltage-sensitive dyes, they can start to measure them at least. Researchers believe they may be able to learn more about disease states, such as cancer, by studying these minute, but powerful electric fields.


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