The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Date Written 7-16-09
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised 8-1-09

This page is a study and evaluation of lymphology as presented by Dr. C. Samuel and Stephen E. West.  Everything on this site must pass the test of scientific proof or I will remove it or report it as a fraud.  Lymphology has a lot of scientific proof and some claims that at this time I am researching for validation.  I will either find the proof or make rebuttal statements so you can be assured if and when lymphology is scientifically valid.

The following are my notes from Dr. West’s training materials about Lymphology. See his web site at I have added some items I have discovered along with the concepts of Dr. West.  Example the discussion of oxidants vs. antioxidants, Dr. Emoto’s pictures and the picture of how the immune system works. I recommend you visit Dr. West’s web site and study the information he provides for a greater understanding of this important concept of Lymphology.

Dr. West claims his lymphology course will teach everyone how to remove, and eliminate every disease and become disease free.

This picture courtesy of Dr. West. It represents a healthy and unhealthy lymph system. Zero Disease

The top is the blood system and the bottom is the lymph system. When excess water accumulates in the body the blood and lymph systems have greater separations that according to Dr. West causes disease.

His educational information teaches what He claims is a means to reduce the swelling which in turn restores health.

This process suggests that it is important to eliminate bad foods and eat good foods but that they alone will not repair the lymph system.

says rebounder
is 65% better
than jogging and will burn more calories than jogging!

NASA's Report

Dr. West recommends using a rebounder similar to the one pictured to the left to stimulate the lymph system. He teaches it may causes the lymph system to remove toxins and increase electrical energy. See collections of info. to support this threory. His system adds deep breathing and verbal statements that may multiply the healthy benifits of bouncing. Zero Disease
Don't make my mistake of buying a cheep rebounder from Wal Mart. It uses bungi straps not springs, is too stiff and is not comfortable and is difficult to exercise on. It does not allow the body a cushioned bounce and thus does not facilitate the better health benefits of one with good springs.
This is a list of some web sites by others that promote bouncing to improve lymphology and health.   Complete Health  
Rebounder Exercise   Rebounding for Health Blog   Rebound   
Weight Loss Sources   Energize For Life

Our health and life span is completely related to our lymphatic system and its health and ability to function. The lymphatic system runs throughout the body in vessels parallel to the blood circulatory system.

The circularity system contains blood plasma containing the proteins of albumins, globulins, fibrinogens with 91% water. It carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells. This process irrigates or nurtures our cells and in its process places excess water and proteins between the cells. This is where the lymphatic system plays one of its important roles. (See research report # 4 below ) It picks up waste excess nutrients, proteins and water, then purifies it by destroying harmful bacteria then dumps it back into the blood stream at the base of the neck. It is the lymph system that purifies the blood, removes bacteria and creates antibodies. If we have a swollen lymph node it is a sign that it is working to remove infection. The build up of these proteins and water between the cells is what causes diseases. If the lymphatic system fails to remove these proteins and water we can die within 24 hours.

Just how important is this system of removing proteins from the blood vessels and retrieving them to the lymphatic circulatory system?The blood loses half of its proteins every 24 hours and we would die in just a few hours if it is not restored by the circulatory system. And the water goes with it. In other words this is the key to all diseases and health.

Dr. West states the AMA still teaches the old outdated and proven wrong concept that blood proteins are too big to pass through the capillaries. Note; there are three types of blood vessels; arteries, veins and capillaries. The arteries and veins have a muscle layer around them which prevents them from leaking the blood proteins and fluid we're talking about. It's at the capillary levels which are the very smallest blood vessels that reach right down to the bed of the cells. They are are full of holes called capillary pores and this is where all the cells are washed, fed, and purified. It is in the capillaries where the cells get the oxygen and nutrients from the blood and this is where the blood proteins leak out. The capillaries are normally barely small enough to leak out the proteins in a single file and the water goes with them.

Documented scientific tests as far back as 1940 with radioactive iodine has proven that protein leaks out of the circulatory system.

In 1964 the AMA journal Today's Health published "Your Other Circulatory System" written by Dr. H. S. Mayerson about his research that proved proteins leak from the circulatory system. (4) Then in 1989 in their Home Encyclopedia page 182 they ignored the proven research and printed "the large protein albumins prevents blood loss into the tissues." They knew this statement was a lie and to this day they still present this lie. Dr. Samuel West states the truth is that the albunins are the smallest of the three proteins in the blood stream not the largest. Doctors use a drug version of albunin to resolve the loss of albunins instead of recognizing that the problem is an ineffective lymph system. Why is the AMA and doctors treating this symptom with another altered drug instead of fixing the problem? Why is the AMA still obscuring and ignoring the proven research that proteins leak from the circulatory system and are repaired by the lymphatic system?

Statement by Dr. Stephen West

In 1930, Dr. Cecil K. Drinker of Harvard Medical School was the first to challenge the old theory that the blood proteins were too large to escape from the blood capillaries into the tissue spaces. From 1948 to 1963, Dr. H. S. Mayerson scientifically proved that Dr. Drinker was right by tagging the blood proteins with radioactive iodine and measuring the rate at which they left the blood stream and Mayerson's work was published in Scientific American, June 1963. In December 1964, The AMA published Mayerson's work which revealed the truth only once in their official journal, Today's Health in an article called, "Your Other Circulatory System", by J. D. Ratcliff. “Loss of blood proteins through capillary walls would be particularly disastrous. Recently, Dr. H. S. Mayerson, of Tulane Medical School, tagged blood proteins with radio active iodine, then measured the rate at which they passed into lymph vessels. Calculations indicated that half of our blood protein is lost from the blood every 24 hours! But for the prompt retrieval of the protein by the lymphatic system, this constant loss would spell swift catastrophe.” “If the lymphatic system did not carry a large portion of the remaining seepage back to the blood stream, we would all bleed to death internally in a matter of hours.” the last paragraph of this article says, “Thus this great river of mystery may well hold the key to dozens of disease riddles. That is why it is getting ever-increasing research attention. Inevitably, discoveries of vital importance to all will be made.” Again, the last paragraph of Your Other Circulatory System states, "This great river of mystery may well hold the key to dozens of disease riddles. That is why it is getting ever increasing research attention. Inevitably, discoveries of vital importance to all will be made." And that's the first and last time the AMA has told the truth about this. The following month, January 1965, Readers Digest published a condensed version of the AMA article called, "Our Amazing White Bloodstream", in reference to our lymphatic vessels, which basically said the same thing as the AMA article.

Above "In 1964 AMA published the truth and in 1964 published a lie to cover up the truth of the lymph system. " Should be noted that they have published false information in place of the truth ever since.

Then in 1966 was the largest medical research project ever pulled off in history - still today - and it was to cover it all up and bury all the truth about blood proteins leaving the blood stream to cause disease and death and what we do to either cause or prevent them from getting trapped around our body cells along with the excess fluid and excess sodium they bring with them, which is shear disease. In 1966, With the help of international military forces, all the top medical minds in the world who studied anything about blood proteins and water leaving the blood stream and lymphatics were gathered together. (Even from behind the Iron Curtain, of approximately 370 members, only about 65 from the United States.) Most members were department heads of Universities and Medical Schools - the cream of the crop. They met in Dr. H. S. Mayerson’s home, located at Saint Louis, MO, in 1966, and founded the ISL. Lured with the idea of sharing research with each other, while by-laws specified the ISL was not a pure medical society, so they can’t publish their research findings in medical journals any more. Is this their way of telling us it isn't their cup of tea? Or should it be called the greatest mass-murder plan in history being unveiled?

Meanwhile health care costs have continued to double and triple every ten years since 1950! And for every dime we have spent, the death rates have risen! Who wants to spend more money in health care?

The American Medical Association Home Encyclopedia, published in 1989, includes the following statement about the albumin: “The large size of the protein molecules prevents them from escaping from the blood into the tissues.” Which is a total lie when you read what they published in 1964 above, stating "Calculations indicated that half of our blood protein is lost from the blood every 24 hours!" and “If the lymphatic system did not carry a large portion of the remaining seepage back to the blood stream, we would all bleed to death internally in a matter of hours.”

It took many years for Dr. C. Samuel West, Dr. Stephen West's father, to uncover these articles revealing the secrecy of the medical establishment even with the current onslaught of terror, Doctors having sick family members too! This research has been kept away from them too! Because if one of their family members ends up with something like Cancer, they care right away - and if there's anything they could do about it, they would. That's why in order to keep this research away from the public, they had to keep it away from the Doctors too.

In this statement "It alone causes or removes disease. In other words it causes organs to fail or other conditions that lead to illness or death. It is the fundamental cause of cancer, diabetes and every other disease.", It is the key to understanding the cause and elimination of disease. The blood proteins and water have to be retrieved by the lymph vessels. In other words, trapped blood proteins are the cause organs to fail and they cause other conditions that lead to illness or death - they are the prime cause of disease and death, although any time we break the pure laws of nature, they all cause trapped blood proteins somewhere in our body, it's the trapped blood proteins, excess fluid, and lack of oxygen that shuts our body cells off. And since oxygen = power, when we are living in harmony with the Pure Laws and Principles of Nature, and when we otherwise learn how to activate our lymphatic vessels, we are actively preventing, removing, and eliminating pain, loss of energy, and disease from our body.

Since the science of lymphology lays the scientific foundation of all the healing arts and all personal development, it adds clarity and power to every healing modality ever invented.
Since there are an infinite number of things we can now talk about, "Let's consider three primary things" - add to - "There are three primary things that affect it the lymphatic system; they are water, proteins, and electricity."

Trapped Blood Proteins = Excess Fluid around the cells = Lack of Oxygen = Damaged or Dead Cells - "Excess water around the cells" - add to - "Excess water in the lymphatic vessels cause it to swell and renders it less able to function." "causes the tissues to swell and renders them less able to function."

"excess blood proteins" - add to - "We have all heard the term cell to cell communication but never that it fails due to excess proteins due to the lymphatic system not working. " - you may also add - These are not the proteins we eat, we eat lots of kinds of proteins. The blood proteins hold water in our blood and wherever they go, the water goes.

"between the lymphatic capillaries and blood capillaries" - "as well as a greater distance from cell to cell making it more difficult for the cells to communicate with each other" - add to - "Second the excess water and proteins create a greater distance between the lymphatic and circulatory system making the lymphatic system less able to communicate with the circulatory system. "

The lymphatic system also holds the key to the body's electric generator" - add to - "The lymphatic system is the body’s electrical generator. " [each cell has a Sodium Potassium Pump, which is the electric generator for every cell in the body]

excess positive sodium ions out from the blood around the outside of the cells - fix - " . positive sodium ions out of the cell"

When this delicate balance is altered, this electrical process is altered and the cell does not have the power work properly" - add to - "When this process is altered the cell does not work properly"

with pH alone can produce limited results because pH is only one of the - add to - "trying to manipulate the pumps with pH alone is only one of numerous factors that must occur."

The AMA used to be a small association of doctors who joined to promote health and their craft. They have become an illegal police agency who sanction and remove licenses from any doctor who will not follow their agenda. They have become our worst nightmare for the good health in America. They prosecute any clinic or doctor who successfully prescribes natural healing especially if they are providing safer and better health care. It does not matter if the dr. or clinic is safer, healing better and even doing so with proven research. In fact it is exactly these dr's and clinics that are number one on their hit lists because they are a threat to big profits. Their mission is to protect big profits of the health industry by stopping anyone who heals. They work in conjunction with drug companies, insurance companies, the FDA, NHC and FTC. to stop anyone that is a threat to their profits. All of them work together to control the information and education given to doctors. Because they are now so powerful they can get away with covering up health research that heals and promoting things including altered drugs that are more harmful than natural compounds in order to keep us sick. Many reject this information thinking it is not possible and that they would not do that.

Dr. West's research above is just one of numerous examples of how they perform their subversive tactics to police doctors in order to keep us sick. A sick people is very profitable and all one needs to do is follow the money to verify this corruption. Another proof of this is in the scientific reports by doctors about herbs that are proven to heal better than altered drugs and without the terrible side effects of the altered drugs. The FDA cannot or refuses to accept this proven research, then the AMA polices anyone who uses anything not approved by the FDA. See two of our pages that prove these facts. Prostrate Cancer and Liver If the AMA was interested in health they would be endorsing these cures. Instead they are fighting them and even prosecuting doctors and others that promote them. If you or a loved one has prostrate cancer and your doctor will not or can not prescribe a cure proven by doctors to kill it up to 100 million times better than the leading chemo drug how would you feel? That is what is happening in America and lymphology as an educational tool can change the health of everyone.

The lymphatic system is the ultimate regulator of all our health. It alone causes or removes disease. In other words it causes organs to fail or other conditions that lead to illness or death. It is the fundamental cause of cancer, diabetes and every other disease. Doctors treat pain and symptoms with altered drugs, surgeries and hospitalization and never look at the foundational cause. The health of the lymphatic system is the most important focus we must have to maintain good health. It means everything we have thought about health must take a whole different view. It means instead of focusing on symptoms and even what we have formerly thought as causes must be revised. It means we must learn what makes the lymphatic system work and what causes it to fail if we want to be healthy.

There are three primary things that affect it the lymphatic system; they are water, proteins, and electricity.

Excess water in the lymphatic vessels cause it to swell and renders it less able to function.

Remember we stated the function of the lymphatic system is to remove the excess water and proteins between the cells. First this means the proteins that have not entered our cells are now blocking cell to cell communication. We have all heard the term cell to cell communication but never that it fails due to excess proteins due to the lymphatic system not working. Every cell and every organ in our body works from the chemical transfers between cells. If these transfers fail our body gets sick. (see our picture of the immune system)

Second the excess water and proteins create a greater distance between the lymphatic and circulatory system making the lymphatic system less able to communicate with the circulatory system.

The lymphatic system is the body’s electrical generator. Every cell and organ in the body has electrical energy pumps as part of the lymph system. These pumps are called sodium potassium pumps and discovered by Dr. Samuel West. A Nobel prize was awarded in 2003 for this discovery. See animations and info about the sodium potassium pump sodium potassium pump (5-9) Unfortunately none of these animations include its ability to generate electricity. The sodium potassium pump generates the power in cells to allow us to see, move our muscles and think. The animations also do not include the information that the pump is part of the lymph system. Dr. Samuel West stated there are two questions that need to be found. FIRST what turns the pumps off and SECOND what turns them on. If we can resolve these two questions we can control every disease in the body.

(Fact 1) WHAT TURNS THE PUMPS OFF: Dr. Samuel West went on to discover trapped blood protein shuts the pumps off because they have a negative charge that pulls the positive sodium ions out of the cell. There is a delicate balance between sodium and potassium. When they are balanced and being rotated through the pump they generate power or electricity. See the animations referenced in (5-9) below. When this process is altered the cell does not work properly. sodium potassium pump

(Fact 2) WHAT TURNS THE PUMPS ON: It takes oxygen and glucose to feed this process which creates Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the substance that turns the pumps on. It is the lymph system's responsibility to pull out all the excess blood proteins, water, dead cells, poisons and excess sodium. It is this process that allows oxygen and glucose to feed the cell, turn on the pumps and create a healthy cell to cell communication process. When this process is functioning correctly pH levels will be in the correct ranges and trying to manipulate the pumps with pH alone is only one of numerous factors that must occur.sodium potassium pump

These two facts are not being taught to our doctors and are being ignored by modern medicine. These two facts result in all disease by swelling. When the lymph system is healthy it does not have excess swelling, when it is not functioning it is because it is swollen with excess water and proteins. The definition of cancer is to swell. This means every disease is the result of excess water and proteins accumulating in the cells, surrounding tissues and the lymph vessels. This then shuts off the pumps and causes disease in the effected cells. Where ever the cell resides that is swollen is where cancer and other illness occurs. This is the source of every diseases and we all know modern medicine treats the symptoms while ignoring the source cause. It is no wonder since they are not being taught this process. If they were practicing the effective treatment of these two facts it would eliminate the need for drugs and extensive hospital visits. This in turn would lower our health care costs and dramatically effect the profits of the multi billion dollar health care industry. It means if we can treat these two facts we can be disease free.

Dr. West states, "What we have discussed to this point demonstrates the extreme importance of the lymphatic system and how it regulates every cell and system in the body. Nothing in the body is more important for daily health.We have discussed how water, proteins and electricity are part of the lymphatic system but not how to repair it or keep it in good health."


  • STEP 1: First we must remove negative things that harm it. No repair is of any value if we continue to ingest things that harm.
    • Oxidants such as tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs both prescription and illegal will shut off the pumps. Salt, candy, sugars, soft drinks, caffeine, cake, excess meats especially those with altered feed and injections and food additives will also shut off the pumps. Another big factor that will shut off the pumps is stress factors such as anger, hate, and loss of temper, resentment, judgment, stress and abuse. See our pages on Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants
    • Each of these things creates havoc in the body and only a state of positive energy will turn on the pumps. Everything in the world is either positive or negative. Everything has an opposite. Light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, love vs. hate and oxidants vs. antioxidants. Oxidants are atoms with unbalanced electrons vs. antioxidants with balanced electrons.
    • Most foods and nutrition can change from an antioxidant to a negative oxidant state. A fruit, vegetable or meat full of antioxidants must destroy all antioxidants in order to spoil. An example of this is that green tea is full of oxidants and black tea is the same leaf but put into piles to rot and ferment until it turns black. One is healthy and one is harmful.
    • When we eat negative things or harbor negative thoughts we shut off the pumps and positive things turn the pumps on. In the positive state the lymph system pumps work to give us a healthy state and prevent or remove every disease. To see how powerful our thoughts and positive vs. negative effects our body fluids. see (Dr. Emoto,s water pictures)
  • STEP 2: Bring oxygen to the cells. Dr. Otto Warburg made a statement about oxygen and cancer. "As emphasized, it is the first precondition of the proposed treatment that all growing body cells be saturated with oxygen." (10)
    • This requires a combination of deep breathing, bouncing, stroking, energy, and compressing tissues.
    • Getting oxygen to the cells and turning on the pumps cures every disease including cancer and diabetes. When an accident such as an auto whip lash occurs and one learns how to get oxygen back to the cells and turn on the pumps the injury can disappear within a short amount of time possibly within minutes or a few hours. This is without drugs or a chiropractor.

The cause of all disease is based on Dr. C. Samuel West's outline that he calls the seven plus one.

This outline of the seven plus one is my research to prove or disprove Dr. West's research by my scientific research.
Outline with my comments and descriptions to help understand each point. Maroon color is from Dr. West comments and are occasionally paraphrased my me, green are my comments based on Dr. West's articles. Additional comments and research findings
  • Every cell generates an electrical field with a sodium potassium pump that is in every cell.
    1. Thought wave is electrical and every cell, organ, eyes and muscles work by electricity.
      1. Eye to eye contact between two people is a transfer of electrical energy.
      2. The electrical energy or the lack of it regulates every part of the body.
      3. The electrical energy is processed by the brain in both the conscious and unisonous and it moves every muscle and regulates every cell and organ.
      4. Our thoughts which are electrical may cause illness or health.
The link on the left to the sodium potassium pump is a graphical illustration of how the pump works. see items (5,6,7 & 8) at the bottom of this page. The claim that there is a sodium potassium pump is well documented. See report #5 below and these links.
A site that demonstrates how neurons produce electricity
Computational explorations in cognitive neuroscience By Randall C. O'Reilly, Yuko Munakata-2.4
Why does the brain need electricity?

The information above is my an overview of the concept of lymphology presented by Dr. Stephen West.

I am studying the home study course of lymphology that consist of numerous videos, audio's and articles that may take several months to complete.

I suggest that you visit Dr. Stephen West's web site for more information. Look at his event calendar and educational materials.

Below are references and research to support the above information.

1. "Dr. C. Samuel West announced: Every healing art on earth involves getting oxygen to cells! This site teaches the Medical Research that reveals: 1) The cause of pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and every other degenerative disease on Earth; and 2) How it is now possible for you to relieve pain and suffering at home faster and easier than you've ever dreamed possible; and 3) How to keep your body free from pain and disease as long as you live. (1)

2. "The sodium-potassium PUMPS in every cell generate the ELECTRICITY that gives the eyes the POWER to see and the brain the POWER to work. These same pumps in the cells of the muscles are able to generate the ELECTRICITY that gives the muscles POWER so you can walk and run. This is how the heart gets the POWER to beat, and how the pancreas gets the POWER to produce insulin; and this is how the white blood cells get the POWER they need to kill the cancer cells and all viruses etc. (1)

3. "Lymphatic massage is a massage form that addresses the movement of lymph fluid. It is a rhythmic technique that gently imitates the body's way of moving its fluids. It moves lymph from the tiny lymph vessels that bath each cell to the 500 lymph nodes onward to the six major lymphatic trunks. As the lymph is aided in moving thorough out the body, it cleanses and purifies, removing bacteria, infection, and diseased cells along the way. Because lymph cleanses nearly every cell in your body, symptoms of chronic lymph blockage can be a feeling of general tiredness and fatigue with a heaviness in the abdomen. Accompanying this can be such symptoms as food allergies, frequent colds, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, tissue swelling, and depression. On an everyday basis, regular lymphatic massage can be great preventive health maintenance. It is especially helpful for any form of edema, poor circulation, a need for detoxification, and for post traumatic injury or surgery as it will reduce the swelling and speed up the healing time. We invite all lymphologists to join us as we educate the world on the importance of the lymph system in maintaining general health. (2)

4. "The entire lymphatic system flows toward the bloodstream, returning fluid from body tissues to the blood. If there were no way for excess fluid to return to the blood, our body tissues would become swollen. For example, when a body part swells, it may be because there is too much fluid in the tissues in that area. The lymph vessels collect that excess fluid and carry it to the veins through the lymphatic system. This process is crucial because water, proteins, and other molecules continuously leak out of tiny blood capillaries into the surrounding body tissues. This lymph fluid has to be drained, and so it returns to the blood via the lymphatic vessels. These vessels also prevent the back flow of lymph fluid into the tissues. The lymphatic system also helps defend the body against invasion by disease-causing agents such as viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Harmful foreign materials are filtered out by small masses of tissue called lymph nodes that lie along the network of lymphatic vessels. These nodes house lymphocytes (white blood cells), some of which produce antibodies, special proteins that fight off infection. They also stop infections from spreading through the body by trapping disease-causing germs and destroying them." (3)

5. "So how does cells become electric? Similar to the way that there are positive and negative particles in an atom, there are both positive and negative ions inside and outside the cell. The cell literally pushes the positive ions out across its cell membrane. Specifically, it pushes Potassium and Calcium ions out (among other ions). What this pushing does is tip the balance of positive and negative ions inside and outside the cell. Since the cell pushes out positive ions, the outside becomes more positive than the inside. Since we often think of the cell as being surrounded by a big ocean of stuff, we look at the cell's perspective: the cell is negative relative to its environment (the same as the outside being positive relative to the cell). This imbalance of electric charge is called Electrical potential, and is quantified in Volts (like in a 9 Volt battery). Since this electrical potential is formed by different ions on either side of the cell membrane, we refer to it as the membrane potential. This potential is the “electricity” we speak of when we say that cells are electric. It is a form of energy that the cell can use – I’ll talk about that in a bit.

As you may know, cell membranes don’t let many things flow through them, so ions and water don’t just cross the cell membrane. The cells push out the ions by special molecular pumps. These molecules are proteins which are able to grab some ions from the inside of the cell and let them pass to the outside of the cell. This process often requires a lot of energy. The more positive particles you push out of the cell, the harder it becomes to push more out. A good portion of the cell’s energy is spent on keeping these pumps working.

Cells also have specialized, strategically placed holes in their cell membranes that allow ions to come back into the cell, known as ion channels. Why? you might be asking. What a waste of energy, to pump out all these ions just to let them back in! But this re-entry of ions is highly regulated. This close regulation of ion re-entry allows the cell to control specific aspects of its function. It’s as if the cell uses ions as logs to light a fire in the fireplace. You keep all the logs outside until you want them, and then you go grab a few; just enough for the fire that you will be lighting that night. If you had all these logs around your house, not only would things get really cluttered, but you might accidentally set one of these extra logs on fire and burn your house down! Cells are really finicky about what ions they let in and when they let them in. If too many ions come in, it can kill the cell!" (11)


2 The International Lymphology Association
5 Human Anatomy - Anamation of sodium potassium pump
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