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Calcium Date Written 2007
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised  

There is a lot of conflicting information about coral calcium. I recently asked my health food specialist for coral calcium and he responded, "why did I want coral calcium?" He then went on to explain to me that coral calcium does not digest or assimilate well especially in older people such as myself. He explained that calcium citrate assimilates better in the human body than coral calcium.

A few months ago my search engine found almost no negative sites about coral calcium. Now there are many on both sides of the isle. Those who are against almost all natural health such as quack watch and those who favor nutritional are both reporting against coral calcium.

Here are some items to consider about coral calcium.

  • It is often mined by sucking sand from sea beds, destroying coral reefs and the natural environment of the sea
  • Because it comes from the sea it is subject to various pollution and environments of the sea that may not always be in our best interest especially with the high concentrations of mercury found in some areas of the sea.
  • Often costs more than other calcium suppliments.
  • A big mistake in calcium supplements is the fact that many people have plenty of calcium but it is not assimilated due to other problems of which Selenium is reported to resolve. See our Selenium page



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