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Mercury Mercury toxicity is reported to causes Autism, Aspergers, and mental problems.

The largest source for mercury toxicity may be from silver tooth fillings, however many suspect poisoning may be the result of mercury in child vaccinations. Heavy metal toxicity may be caused by a DNA problem wherein the body does not produce enough of an essential protein called Mellothionien. See our page on Mellothionien

1. Planet Ark Home: Mercury fillings may be affecting dentists - study UK: April 30, 2002 LONDON - Dentists are more likely to suffer memory and kidney problems which could be due to long-term exposure to mercury in tooth fillings, doctors said today. A study of 180 dentists by researchers at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland found they had up to four times the normal level of mercury in their urine and nails and had more kidney disorders and memory lapses than the general public.

2. Reversing Alzheimer's Disease: "The most common cause of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is due to toxic metal that leaches from mercury-silver amalgam dental fillings and (in combination with chemical and petrochemical poisoning4) causes many other medical complications. Dr. Murray Vimy, a dental researcher from the University of Calgary, Canada, and member of the World Health Organization (WHO) states:. . .”In a human autopsy study,5 brain tissues from people with AD at death were compared with an age-matched group of control brains from subjects without AD. The only significant difference in metal content between the two groups of brains was mercury, being considerably higher in the AD group. Mercury concentration was prominent in the hippocampus, the amygdala and particularly in the nucleus basalis, all brain structures involved in memory function....Most recently, our laboratory has demonstrated that ioni mercury and elemental mercury vapor markedly diminished the binding of tubulin polymerization, which is essential for the formation of microtubule in the central nervous system. These studies are direct quantitative evidence for a connection between mercury exposure and neurodegeneration.” On March 9, 1995, a friend faxed to me her mother’s autopsy report from Mayo Clinic. Her mother died of AD. The poor woman had 53 times more mercury in her brain than people who die of other causes...After the mercury-silver amalgam (and other metals used in dentistry) have been inserted into the patient’s oral cavity, subtle changes in blood chemistry have been observed that point to specific chronic disease, e.g., cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), etc. The difficulty in recognizing the amalgam connection to chronic disease is that clinical symptoms are not present until the patient’s immune system collapses. Clinical symptoms might not be apparent for three days, three weeks, three months or 30 years. In addition, physicians are not trained to recognize the subclinical signs of chronic low level mercurial poisoning. Goodman and Gilman’s 1990 eighth edition of the Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics says, “With very few exceptions, mercury poisoning is most often not diagnosed in patients because of the insidious onset of the affliction, vagueness of early clinical signs, and the medical profession’s unfamiliarity with the disease."

3. Health & Mercury: "The metallic silvery black fillings in your mouth are often called Silver Amalgam fillings! They are in fact Mercury Amalgams Fillings. They are made from an alloy of; Silver, Tin, Zinc, Copper which is mixed with 50%. MERCURY. It is estimated that the average Amalgam Filling will release up to half of its Mercury content over a ten year period ( 50% Corrosion Rate). It will therefore release between 68 and 130 Micrograms per Day per Filling. [35]Ð The Australian Dental Association on 6/8/93 claimed that Mercury comes out of the fillings in Nanogram quantities - this is in the order of thousands less than what is actually released"

4. Health & Mercury: "Mercury in fillings is converted to Methyl mercury by bacteria and becomes a highly toxic neurotoxin, easily absorbed by nerve cells. Laboratory studies have shown that within 24 hours of injecting a tiny amount of mercury into a muscle in the body, it has infiltrated the brain, spinal cord, kidneys, lungs, bloodstream connective tissues and adrenals. Read just how deadly this can be."

5. Cure "Daily mercury exposures to those with Amalgam dental fillings commonly exceed the Government health guideline for mercury, due to mercury's negative vapor pressure and galvanic action with other metals in the mouth(500). People also commonly get exposures to mercury and other toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, nickel, and aluminum from food, water, and other sources(501). All of these are highly neurotoxic and are documented to cause neurological damage which can result in chronic neurological conditions over time."

6. "While researching chelation methods someone suggested taking cilantro and chlorella to chelate heavy metal and a selenium, zinc, and magnesium supplement to replesnish the body of these minerals that will be chelated along with mercury and lead through the chelation process. Brazil Nuts contain one the highest amount of selenium and magnesium in a food and Brazil nuts also contains zinc. This seems like a perfect food for helping rhe body recover minerals though the chelation process."

7. "Chronic inorganic mercury exposure induces sex-specific changes in central TNFa expression: importance in autism? Mercury is neurotoxic and increasing evidence suggests that environmental exposure to mercury may contribute to neuropathologies (study of disease of nervous system) tissue including Alzheimer's disease and autism spectrum disorders. Mercury is known to disrupt immunocompetence (ability of the body to produce a normal immune response following exposure to an antigen) in the periphery,.. (the external surface) These findings are consistent with our previously reported male-specific mercury-induced deficits in social behavior and further support a role for heavy metals exposure in neuropathologies such as autism. Subsequent studies should further evaluate the mechanism of action and biological consequences of heavy metals exposure...




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