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Melanoma Cancer

Herbs for melanoma; Coptis chinensis (1) Red Grapes and berries, rosemary and oregano (2) coptis chimemsis, rosemary, Holy Basil, Tumeric, skullcap, Supercitical,chamomile, hops, ginger, valeran, olive oil, maltrodextrin (3) may inhibit melanoma.

This what I did for my scalp and a suspected melanoma on my ear. I made a preparation of oregano, olive, eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree (Melaleuca) oils in equal parts. The olive oil can be more as it also acts as a base. I applied it one to four times a day until they reduced, then once or more a week. The scabs on my scalp reduced to almost none and a dark slmost black scab or melanoma on my ear was 1/8" and growing, it reduced to a light skin color scab and it is continuing to schrink. My barber commented on the difference in my scalp.

You can alter and add oils listed in the reports below rather than what I did or you can ingest the ingrediants, however oils are often better and especially if treating a skin issue.

(Pick good manufactures and the best natural oils. There are a lot of oil manufactures that have bad (not natural or properly processed) chemistry.)) (This is not the time or treatment to buy cheap products.) I am not afiliated with these good manufacturers, DoTerra, Butterfly, NOW and a good scource for individually crafted for you oils.

1. "Malignant melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer...we explored an antimetastatic melanoma agent derived from traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and found that jatrorrhizine hydrochloride (JH), an active component of the traditional Chinese medicinal herb Coptis chinensis, inhibited the proliferation and neovascularization of C8161 human metastatic melanoma cells...the effective inhibitory effects of JH on metastatic melanoma cell proliferation and neovascularization with low toxicity suggest that JH is a potential new antimelanoma drug candidate. click to see the whole report

2. "Certain phytochemicals, such as the stilbene, resveratrol (RES, found in red grapes and berries), and the triterpenoid, ursolic acid (UA, found in waxy berries and herbs such as rosemary and oregano), have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative effects...These observations indicate that phytochemicals modulate the cellular response to photochemical stress by interacting with specific cell-signaling pathways. click to see the whole report

3. "...Zyflamend, a unique multiherbal extract preparation, is a promising antiinflammatory agent that has also been suggested to regulate multiple pathways in cancer progression. As Zyflamend contains ingredients that can suppress tumor cell proliferation, invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis through regulation of inflammatory pathway products,...we present that Zyflamend inhibits melanoma growth by regulating the autophagy-apoptosis switch... click to see the whole report   It is a rarity to see a pub med research report on a brand name preparation such as this report. Zyflamend is available at numerous herbal stores. Google Search

Holy Basil leaf
Supercitical extract
Valerian root
Olive Oil
Yellow Bees Wax

4. "





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