The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Information about Aspergers and Autism by one who has it

With any disease or handicap those who do not have it can postulate and guess what it is like. The intention of this page is to hear from those who actually have Aspergers and Autism with the hope it will help that community and the rest of us to better understand with empathy and support. I will post comments with out disclosing your name if you desire.

January 13, 12 This person wants to remain anonymous.
Through a friend who researches things on www.pubmed.govwe have discovered some things that are helpful to me physically. I owe most of my knowledge to him, yet he doesn't want to be associated with any site I give here except With this friend's expert help (any with no monetary compensation since that would imply more liability for him) I have found out that butyric and melatonin (and graviola) have helped me (with my particular body's needs). I believe they have calmed down the fire that was burning my metabolism in the past. Now my metabolism is very different. I eat tons of food and am very active physically, exercising 4-9 hours per week currently. The Word of Wisdom from Doctrine and Covenants section 89 has helped me incredibly! source The WoW includes how to eat (not focusing just on what not to eat). I eat according to what I have found on Also, I have had a lot of success by reducing the amount of my prescriptions. I take Zyprexa (very sedating) and Geodon (less sedating) and now I take butyric acid and melatonin (less sedating). I tagger them at 6 pm with Zyprexa and at bedtime the rest (Geodon, butyric acid, and melatonin). I have gained a lot of information from and from

My success in life comes in great measure through prayer and doing all I can to become more self sufficient. This is important for someone who has a note taker in college (to not give all the responsibility to the note taker, but to continue to take SOME notes if it is difficult). When a doctor says I should have Zyprexa I questioned it a bit and researched it myself, knew of the side effects and not having anything better to do I took the pill. I research things online with health in order to inform myself.

Most significantly, has a site which explains The LSFT process which has helped me more than ANYTHING else including medication, advice, counseling, etc.



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