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Bells Palsey

The medical industry seems to have little informan about this disease. There are suggestions that it may be related to Lymes disease, Herpes, viral infections and oral or tooth infections. Study our reports on these items or do a search in our search box to find information about them. here are some links of pages that may aid in treating this disease. Lymes Disease, Antibiotics. I noticed some sites that recommend copper as a possible treatment. Copper is suspected to be just the opposite from those who recommend it, and may be the cause not the cure. Copper  Also read my page about Metallothionein. Metallothionein is suspected by some to cause many symptoms and may even be a root source of most diseases. Whenever the medical community has no idea of a cause or cure, heavy metal toxicity is worth looking into. Heavy Metals

1. A site with some useful information.

2. "The cause of Bell’s palsy is somewhat controversial. The condition is associated with presence of the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1), which suggests that reactivation of this virus in the facial nerve might be responsible for the condition. Varicella herpes zoster has also been implicated. Other infectious diseases that may be associated with Bell’s palsy include Lyme disease, the common cold, hepatitis C, influenza, HIV, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis."

3. "CONCLUSION: Treatment with prednisolone within 48 hours of onset of palsy resulted in significantly higher complete recovery rates and less synkinesis compared with no prednisolone."

4. "AUTHORS' CONCLUSIONS: The available evidence from randomised controlled trials shows significant benefit from treating Bell's palsy with corticosteroids."

5. "AUTHORS' CONCLUSIONS: High quality evidence showed no significant benefit from anti-herpes simplex antivirals compared with placebo in producing complete recovery from Bell's palsy. Moderate quality evidence showed that antivirals were significantly less likely than corticosteroids to produce complete recovery."

6. Vitaganic web site claims "Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Garlic, Ginkgo, and Ginger suppliment they sell will help Bells Palsey.




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