The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Candia Description

The information on this page contains a collection of information you will not find anywhere else in one web site. It is a long but vital article. It is useful for not only those with Candia but others who may need to understand a spouse, family member, employee or friend.

This page is divided into the following sections

Section A: A synopsis of Candia.
Section B:
A list of symptoms of Candia.
Section C: Foods that cause Candia and foods that are considered safe for Candia.
Section D: A chart of herbs that are reported to fight Candia
Section E: How to tell if you have Candia
Section F: How to fight Candia

Section G: Scientific research articles about Candia.

Note the item numbering (1.) is chronological from section one to the last.

Section A: A synopsis of Candia

Candia and fungus is the most prolific and devastating factors in human health today, yet the medical industry is giving it little attention. The following is a list of facts about Candia.

  1. Many doctors ignore it and treat anyone who complains about it as a hypochondriac. The symptoms of Candia match the list in the Physicians Desk Reference for hypochondria. Candia is fiercely denied and fought against by many in the medical field. Some doctors have even had their licence's revoked or sanctioned by State licensing boards because they treated Candia.
  2. Candia cannot be cured or slowed down until one eliminates sugar and fungal items. Treating it with any means and not eliminating the items in chart # 3 below will be of little effect, and it will come back, often worse than before.
  3. It can be the fundamental cause of many other diseases, yet in these cases, usually the secondary disease is treated and the foundational disease of Candia is ignored.
  4. Practically everyone has some problems with Candia some time in their life.
  5. Those who have chronic symptoms are seldom diagnosed or treated.
  6. It is one of the most difficult diseases to eliminate, and cycles up and down over and over.
  7. It is the same disease as vaginal yeast infections in women, yet is more harmful when it is systemic, meaning internal throughout the body, and men and women can have it internally.
  8. It is a fungus or yeast and the most hardy plant on the planet meaning it is the most resistant to being eradicated.
  9. It grows naturally in the intestines, (everyone has it) but when the body is compromised with anything that slows down the immune system or reduces friendly bacteria, it grows a so called root through the intestinal walls and then spreads via the blood system to every organ and cell in the body. If it grows more in any one organ, that organ is often treated without recognizing that it was Candia that caused the problem. Sinus and lung problems are classic examples of being treated without considering that they are infested with yeast and fungus. Lung inhalers may have cortical or steroids that feed Candid ia.
  10. The prescription anti fungal dugs such as instating and diluentsused for Candia often compromise the immune system, stress or harm the liver, and the yeast hides in the cartilage and ligaments, (non blood areas) then after the drug is no longer present, the yeast comes out of hiding and since the body defense system is lowered it has nothing to stop it from coming back worse than before.
  11. The over use of antibiotics is linked by thousands of medical researchers who claim the antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria in the gut which eliminates the bodies normal fighters of Candia, thus causing candid to grow.
  12. Because it is a plant it has a living system to defend itself and can hide in the ligaments and cartridge of the body when it is attacked, then after the attack (such as antibiotics, or prescription drugs) it can come back worse than before. This is because the drugs often killed the friendly bacteria that would have normally been present to resist it.
  13. When fighting Candia one will experience Herxheimer's reaction. This is because the fungus being eliminated from the body will often overwhelm the elimination system in the kidneys and liver and the backup process will cause every symptom of the disease often worse than before. One must increase water and decrease the rate of items that are attacking it or one may suffer symptoms greater than the body can endure. One of these is depression and the treatment can cause suicide or other problems.
  14. Candia or yeast growth produces alcohol in the body which can cause a person to react as if they are drunk, or loss of normal mental and physical functions. A person can lose their normal judgmental and social skills, reacting in behaviors that are counter productive. The person and all who observe these episodes may have no clue to what is occurring. This can occur when a person ingests sugar or fungal items and have ingested any alcoholic beverage. Often this will occur in a lower level than an actual alcoholic drunk, thus making it much more difficult to recognize. Alcoholics are highly probable to have candid. Candia causes sugar in the body to be converted to alcohol and can cause the person to act as if they are drunk, yet not have ingested any alcohol. Likewise an alcoholic can be addicted to alcohol because of candid. A person with candid can after eating something with sugar start acting out of character.
  15. Candia can be caused by or increased by other diseases. Any disease that lowers the immune system can allow Candia to grow. Candia cannot be eliminated if one has other diseases such as Celiac Disease, Parasites, Digestion and elimination problems, Copper Toxicity, Metallothionein, Mercury, Aluminum or heavy metal toxicity, Autoimmune problems or Lyme Disease. This a fact few who treat Candia understand. This means there is a viscous cycle wherein Candia can be caused by certain diseases, as well as it can cause certain diseases.
  16. Copper toxicity is a by product of Candia and few recognize it. almost every multivitamin has copper. If you have Candia or any immune disease consider avoiding vitamins with copper. Few recognize this, thinking if you do not have the tell tale brown or rust colored ring around the iris of your eye, you do not have copper problems. Copper in vitamins cause head aches and encephalitis (brain swelling) for me.
  17. Oxidative Stress; To cure Candia one must fix the whole body and rid it of Oxidative Stress.

Section E: How to tell if you have Candia.  


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