The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Depression anxiety, compulsive behaviors, addictions and mood swings may be caused by a disease.

The herbs listed in this article may cause mania episodes if you have type IV Bipolar or Manic depression. Be sure to read Depression-Bipolar then determine which herbs in these two articles meet your circumstances.  The new information in the Bipolar article reinforces the need to understand herbs and be aware that an herb that helps most people can cause harm to another.

Depression and depression symptoms may be a mental disease caused by allergies to foods, chemicals, food additives such as MSG and excito toxins as well as other diseases and hormone imbalances.

Depression is one of many diseases that have experienced vast increases since 1940. Some claim this increase correlates to the increase of pesticides, immunization shots and pollution. How much each actually plays in today's signs of depression and symptoms of depression is impossible to evaluate. However what is easy to evaluate is that prior to 1940 depression was not an epidemic like it is today. What is important in this fact is that it suggests that depression can be the cause of things other than thoughts. The common belief that therapy alone can eliminate depression is a terrible mistake. Obviously therapy may help and may even be the only cause, however to ignore a chemical or environment cause is dangerous and foolish. Foremost on this list would be oxidative stress which may be the main result of the changes in our environment since 1940.

See the research facts that put a whole different light on depression

Depression can be a symptom of other diseases, not a stand alone disease as is so often assumed by the medical community. This is one reason why only a very few people are helped with antidepressant drug therapy, or counseling.

1. Oxidative stress can cause depression. Oxidative stress is a fundamental cause of autoimmune diseases. Oxidative stress sometimes called Metabolic Mayhem is present is every disease. This fact is vastly unrecognized by our medical community. There is overwhelming evidence that oxidative stress, sometimes called Metabolic Mayhem is present in every disease. Some diseases like Celiac, Diabetes and others may cause or be caused by oxidative stress, and some such as malaria are not, but cause oxidative stress. see oxidative stress info

2. Celiac disease can cause depression. Celiac is a genetic hereditary disease and Dr. Mark Hyman in his book The "UltraMind Solution" claims that over 30% of all European descendants have it, and do not know it. Since I have it, it is likely others in our family also have it. When I went on a gluten free diet my depression reduced almost 90%. If I get contaminated, (eat gluten) I will become almost suicidal two days later. I was once diagnosed as manic depressive and drugs never helped me. Since I began my gluten free diet, then experienced occasional contaminations, I have come to believe for me that manic depression is a result of gluten contamination. see Celiac info

3. MSG prevents the body from producing Sheraton, thus causing depression. MSG is in almost all processed foods even those claiming they are MSG free. Scientist label MSG as a toxin, yet the FDA lists MSG as safe. Because people are beginning to read food labels to avoid MSG the food manufacturers have influenced the FDA to overlook that some 40 plus compounds with MSG they are adding to our food so we will not realize we are being fed MSG. It is proven to cause obesity, and Congress gave the food industry immunity from accountability with the "Cheese Burger" legislation that prohibits us from suing them for it. see excito toxins and the relating pages on MSG and Aspartame

4.The importance of the hypothalamus and hypo creten system as it relates to auto immune and general disease is not being fully recognized. A little known fact is that autoimmune diseases are a result of a failure of the hypo cretin system (hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals & thalamus) not the immune system itself. And that toxins and certain foods namely excito toxins upset the hypo cretin system. see how the immune system works

5.Aspartame and synthetic sweeteners upset hormones and health. Could this be causing some of today's drift from heterosexual orientation and the increase in sexual addictions and abuses? see excito toxins and the relating pages on MSG and Aspartame

6. Candida is always present when the body is out of balance. It is the invasion of fungus in the body and can infect every cell, organ and fiber of the body causing terrible health issues including depression. Thus when oxidative stress, Celiac, autoimmune and any other disease upsets the body it weakens the bodies resistance to candida.see candida info

7.One symptom of manic depression is ups and downs or cycles of the libido, sex and all hormones. MSG and excito toxins as well as Autoimmune, Oxidation, Celiac and Candida diseases all cause and effect this cycling problem. There is substantial proof that excito toxins upset the hypothalamus's ability to produce normal hormones, thus the regulatory system of the whole body is upset including libido. Then instead of told to avoid the causes we are prescribed hormones and drugs that compound these problems. Or subjected to endless psycho therapy that will never change the chemistry problem. I see this entire situation as a terrible consequence, in that people with these problems are shunned, judged, feel guilty and have criminal records without an understanding that it is a chemistry problem that is beyond their control, except that a diet change may eliminate it.

8. Chronic fatigue and related problems are common with depression. These may not be a result of depression but from the over all disruption of the whole body starting with the hypo cretin system and resulting in oxidative stress.

In my research I have found a terrible mistake in our present health treatments. That is to prescribe drugs that treat the symptoms, instead of finding and treating the cause of a disease. Treating the symptoms with drugs causes more symptoms, then another drug for the new symptom, then more symptoms and more drugs and on and on. This process never stops to research, look for, or treat the cause of the first disease. This problem is especially a problem for the treatment of depression. The medical doctors refer a patient to a psyc. when it is a health issue and the psyc. prescribes mind altering drugs that new research is proving are seldom effective. Kidneys, livers, hearts, other organs and the entire body is being routinely destroyed in this process. Obviously certain drugs are necessary and life saving, however if depression could be reduced by lowering oxidative stress by diet changes and without drugs wouldn't that be safer and better? More and more scientific medical researchers are recognizing this, yet the current medical practices are slow to change, often due to the greater financial gain of keeping us sick and on drugs. see how hand washing and sanitation was fought by doctors.

Diseases, foods and compounds that are reported to cause depression.
In treating depression or any disease we often look for things to treat the symptoms and ignore the causes. If depression is caused by an underlying disease we waste our effort by trying to ingest things that do not first address the disease or cause.
Aluminum Toxicity
Celiac Disease
Digestion and Gut Problems
Excito Toxins
Heavy Metals

Immune System
Immunization shots
Selenium deficiency
Kappa B
Lyme Disease
Metabolic Stress
Oxidative Stress

Zinc deficiency
Wilson's Disease
Brain Injury,concussions and strokes
Oxidative stress
Heal the gut. "The Ultra Mind Solution" by Dr. Mark Hyman

Items in black have not been researched or pages compiled for this site. Check Google or your search engine on them. Volunteer to write a page on them.

Below is a list of herbs that are reported to help with depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors (OCB), addictions and mood.
I have researched only the ones with a blue hyperlink. You can also put any item into the search box on this site to see if we have any other research about them.

Alpha-Linolenic Acid ALA
Black Cohosh
Black hellebore
Black hellebos
Evening Primrose

False Unicorn
Flax Seed
Genko Baloba
Gotu Kola
Green Tea
Hops Powder
Kava Kava *
Lavender Lemon Balm
Lemon Tree
Lemon Verbena
Magnolia Bark
Meadow Sweet

Melatonin *
Mimosa Bark or Flower
Mormon Tea (Brigham Tea) may           help produce CRH *
Mug wort
Oat Straw
Omega 3
Passion flower
Phellodendran Bark
Red Dates
Rodiola Rosa

Siberian Ginseng
St. John's Wort
Turmeric Tuber
Valerian, Valerian Root Tea
Vitamin D
Wheat Berries
Yellow Dock
Yerba Mate

* Be cautious with these as they are known to cause sleepiness, confusion and problems with operating equipment such as driving for some people. It is a good idea to take these only at bedtime starting with small doses and see how one responds to them before trying the recommended dosages during the day.

One of the best things proven for depression is exercise. See Electricity and the Body and Lymphology for how the lymph system improves electricity and effects the body and mind. Keep in mind that if chronic fatigue is a problem, exercise can be a deterrent by over taxing an already weak system. So exercise is proven to help, but can be too much for some people. That is why so many say check with your doctor first. Again there are many diseases, chemicals and factors other than thoughts that are proven to cause depression symptoms, major depression symptom, signs and symptoms of depression. Unfortunately few in the medical depression industry look for any physical source for the symptoms of depression because the marketing of drugs such as abilify, aripiprazole and others, is more profitable, popular and easier. Too often vitamins of the signs and symptoms of depression want a quick fix rather than change their diet.

If you have depression symptoms, major depression study the causes of depression listed on this site. Treating depression and major depression symptoms may be as easy as changing your diet. Especially study the excitotoxins such as aspartame and MSG. Many scientist claim they cause depression. For example they stop the body from producing serration. Treating major depression symptoms and depression treatment is a multibillion industry that could be greatly impacted if everyone quit drinking diet sodas with aspertame, a proven excito toxin.

abilify, aripiprazole, depression symptoms, major depression, treating depression, major depression symptoms, depression treatment,

9. The information below is the best information I have seen about Manic Depression see source article at

  • Phenylalanine (in dosages of up to 4,000 mg per day) alleviates many (approximately 75% of) cases of Manic Depression
  • Triiodothyronine (25 - 30 micrograms per day) alleviates Manic Depression Arem, R. The Thyroid Solution. Ballantine Books, New York, USA 1999:114-117...Manic Depression patients are generally found to have low endogenous production
  • Glutathione...Blood glutathione level in mental disease before and after treatment. Arch Psych. 71:69, 1955
  • L-cysteine  The underlying mechanism for the success of L-cysteine in some manic depression patients is believed to be via its role as a precursor for glutathione
  • Folic Acid is the most common deficiency found in Manic Depression patient
  • Inositol  Manic Depression patients have impaired metabolism of Inositol
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause Mania...
  • Vitamin C (3,000 mg per day) improves the condition of Manic Depression patients
  • Avoid vanadium may be an aetiological factor (causes of diseases) in manic depressive illness
  • Tryptophan alleviates Manic Depression and is beneficial when suicidal tendencies exist
  • Fish oil supplement reduces bipolar symptoms...Human double-blind trial has found that 6,200 mg EPA + 3,400 mg DHA (used in conjunction with normal manic depression medication) improved almost all symptoms of manic depression and reduced the relapse rate. Fish oil is high in both EPA and DHA and could therefore be expected to produce similar results."

10. "Choline supplement Choline, a nutrient that converts into phosphatidylcholine, has shown to be beneficial in bipolar disease, particularly those who are prescribed lithium. More studies are needed to confirm this initial finding. Oral choline decreases brain purine levels in lithium-treated subjects with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder: a double-blind trial using proton and lithium magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Lyoo IK. Brain Imaging Center, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA, USA. Bipolar Disord. 2003 Aug;5(4):300-6.

11. "*WARNING: Antidepressant drugs may cause manic episodes in people with bipolar disorder. For this reason, herbs and supplements with antidepressant properties might also be risky. Case reports suggest that SAMe,16,17,18 St. John's Wort,7,8 and inositol15 can indeed trigger manic episodes.
* WARNING: Vanadium is thought to be a possible cause of bipolar disorder mood cycling and should be avoided as a supplement. It has been suggested that the drug lithium works, in part, by reducing the body's level of vanadium.1 For this reason, it might be advisable for people with bipolar disorder to avoid using supplements that contain vanadium.
*WARNING: The supplement chromium is often sold in the form of chromium picolinate. Picolinate can alter levels of neurotransmitters.5 This has led to concern among some experts that chromium picolinate might be harmful to people with bipolar disorder.2
*WARNING: The supplement L-glutamine, while not normally considered to have antidepressant properties, has reportedly triggered episodes of mania in two people not previously known to have bipolar disorder.4
*WARNING: A ginseng product has also been associated with an episode of mania.6"



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