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Date Written 4-6-0-10
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised  

Fungus is being reported as a problem or cause of many ailments including toe nail fungus, jock itch, and athlets foot. It can grow on the skin causing rashes and sores. Fungus is the only organic substance that survived after atomic bomb tests. It is very resiliant and few remidies exist. This page will explore some remidies and information about fungus. 

1. "Lysol Concentrate- Use Lysol Concentrate The toenail grows slowly. Within three month time the infected portion disappears. Lysol- attacks very efficiently the nail fungus. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) - toenail fungus can be cleared with Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. This therapy is a type of intravenous therapy which can only be performed by highly trained medical personnel. The extra Oxygen in the Hydrogen Peroxide is toxic to the fungus. (See our warning about Hydrogen Peroxide) Colloidal Silver Spray -It vehemently fights toe nail fungus.

Goldenseal Root Tincture (Hydrastis canadensis), Organic -Used for nail fungus destruction, Adrenal Glands; Eye Problems; Fainting etc. Herbal FungX -nail Fungus Treatment -This is a mixture of Emu oil, Oregano, Potassium Iodide, DMSO, Tea Tree Oil & Grapeseed Extract. Nail gels,[Mycocide] and nail polishes[ Nailstat] - are well-known nail fungus treatment products that can also effectively kill toe nail fungus.

Tea Tree Oil of Melaleuca Alternifolia It gives excellent remedy for toe nail fungus. Nail ReNu toe nail Fungus Remedy - This contains Emu Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil .This kills finger and toenail fungus. DMSO Liquid / Dimethylsulphoxide- -DMSO is often mixed with other extracts for better absorption. It works well against finger and toe nail fungus."

2. "Home-made remedies from vinegar and Vicks VapoRub...,Over the counter topical solutions such as Tea Tree Oil
, Stop-Fungus..."

3. "The Tea Tree Solution:
Using tea tree extracted oil from Australia is one of the best proven ways to prevent nail fungus. Tea tree oil is steam extracted from the Australian tea tree. It has clinically proven antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Additionally, the oil is able to quickly penetrate the thick layers of an infected nail to reach and act on the fungus. This is something that many prescription treatments for nail fungus have not been able to do, which in turn makes the treatment process much longer, and much more costly!

To use tea tree oil: Simply apply a few drops to the affected area(s) three times a day. Tea tree does double duty by also strengthening your nails, and preventing further infection with regular use.

Want to get more out of tea tree oil? If you get acne breakouts, tea tree oil is a fast way to clear up your skin. Soak a cotton ball in water and use a drop of tea tree oil on it. Apply on acne breakouts before bed and leave it on overnight.

The Neem Solution:
Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree in India . It is highly medicinal and naturally antifungal. Neem has been found to be deadly to 14 different common fungi including those that can cause infection of the fingernails, toenails, and hands.

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5. "The patented PinPointe FootLaser System is a specially designed laser beam that goes through the toenail and safely reduces the infection in the nail bed that cause toenail fungus. The Pinpoint foot laser is said to be 88% more effective than any other treatment on the market.

The laser light passes through the toenail and kills the fungus underneath. The toenail will not become instantly clear, it takes months for the nail to grow out taking the fungus with it. The treatment is not a preventative method for avoiding fungus nor does it prevent re-infection."





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