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Head Aches

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This page contains on going research on headaches and possible cures. Possibly the number one cause of headaches is an overactive immune system. See our three immune system pages, Oxidative Stress, KappaB and disease page

There are two unexplainable cures I have used one is EFT and the other is magnets. They have both worked at times for my headaches.

Dr Mercola "Headaches can generally be divided into two types, tension and migraine. Migraine can be extremely debilitating, and many of the drugs used to treat migraines are effective in relieving this severe pain, offering welcome relief. Unfortunately, they do absolutely nothing to treat the cause and in fact actually contribute to your problem as after a short while they might cause rebound headaches themselves. Fortunately, many natural treatment options exist that can help treat migraines. These should always be considered first, as drugs to treat migraines can make your problem worse, and often come with other serious side effects.(1)  Dr. Mercola goes on to explain that diet is important including avoiding wheat and sugar.

Dr Mercola Amines in fermented foods cause headaches  "The chemicals are called biogenic amines, and they’re found in a variety of fermented foods including wine, cheese, olives, nuts, cured meats and chocolate. Red wine headache is thought to be caused by two amines called tyramine and histamine, but other potential causes also exist. The new detector, which is the size of a small suitcase, can analyze a drop of wine and determine its amine levels in five minutes. The researchers are in the process of developing a pocket-sized version that you can take with you to a restaurant to test wine at your table. Red wine and sake were found to have the highest amine levels, while beer had the lowest, researchers said. Some experts recommend that those who do experience headaches after drinking red wine avoid amine-rich food and drinks. Aside from headaches, amines can also trigger high blood pressure, heart palpitations and elevated adrenaline levels. " (2)



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