The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Liver Date Written 2007
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised January 18, 2010

This page provides numerous research reports claiming the listed herbs will repair the liver from hepatitis, cirrhosis and infections of the liver. I do not make this claim of myself but have collected research reports that make this claim. See them below. The research indicates that the liver can be repaired, which is something current doctors do not know or recognize even though this is reported by doctors in research labs. It takes up to 20 years for new research to go from the lab to the patent.

To heal the liver one must eliminate all oxidants. which are governed by Kappa B, which is related to oxidative stress and Metabolic stress all relate to items that must be repaired along with any treatment for the liver. In fact Kappa B, oxidation and Metabolic Stress are the primary causes of liver diseases and infection. Cure them and you may cure the liver. You cannot cure them or the liver if you do not eliminate oxidants.

Milk Thistle This is by far the most impressive of the herbs for the treatment of and prevention of Liver damage. The main Chemical ingredient is Silymarin, which is thought to be at least ten times more potent in Antioxidant activity than vitamin E. Silymarin increases the glutathione (GSH) content of the liver by over 35% in healthy subjects, and increases considerably the level of the important antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase in cell cultures. Glutathione is responsible for detoxifying a wide range of hormones, drugs, and chemicals. By increasing glutathione, the liver has a greater capacity for detoxification reactions. Our page on Milk Thistle (1)
Turmeric Proven to increase liver function and repair the liver including reverse cihrossos. [Curcumin prevents the liver enzymes SGOT and SGPT, commonly seen in experimental models of inflammation. Curcumin is an active choleretic, increasing bile acid output by over 100 percent. In addition to increasing biliary salts, cholesterol, and bilirubin, curcumin also increases the solubility of bile, suggesting a benefit in the prevention and treatment of cholelithiasis....Combining with Bromelain seems to enhance absorption. Since both Turmeric and Bromelain have anti-inflammatory effects, this may have an added advantage Our page on Turmeric.(1)
Dandelion enhances the flow of bile, improving liver congestion, bile duct inflammation, hepatitis, gallstones, and jaundice. Dandelion causes contraction and release of stored bile, and with its high Chlorine content, has a tonic action, improving liver function. Our page on Dandelion (1)
Ginseng One of the best effects of ginseng is its tremendous ability to supress Kappa B which in turn does many things to heal the body including the liver. [In Human studies 24 Elderly people suffering from cirrhosis, liver damage from alcohol, liver functions were improved. Our page on Ginseng  Our page on Kappa B (1)
Barberry By enhancing the flow of bile through the liver and gallbladder, the entire function of the liver is improved. Enhancing the flow of bile through the liver and gallbladder purifies the blood toxins.Page on Barberry (1)
Oats Studies are showing that Oats are helpful in lowering cholesterol both in the whole body but also in the liver and cleansing the liver. Our page on Oats (1)

1    I include this alternative medical page because it has some good information. I take the information on reports such as this then look for proven scientific reports to substantiate their claims. Above I have included only the compounds from this report that I could find proof from reliable sources as it relates to the liver.
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