The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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OCB meaning obsessive compulsive behaviors, unsocial behaviors, repetitive behaviors, depression, hyper sex, eating disorders and addictions.

I have discovered numerous scientific reports and instances documenting health conditions that cause OCB issues. Many have connected Autism, ADHD (attention deficit disorders) and brain functions of numerous kinds to compulsions. I have even discovered research proving concussions and brain injuries have resulted in changes in sexual behaviors, depression and suicides.

I try to write shorter articles, however sometimes doing so does not provide the whole story, this is a long article that fits this need.

My life experiences have forced me to examine topics that I would have rather not have had to do. The whole world seems to believe that all one has to do is think and get rich, or from the spiritual side if one has negative compulsions it is because their thinking is evil.

Had I not had my experiences I would probably be on the front of that wagon too. It sounds so glorious and wonderful that anyone would like to have those experiences. Yet for the few who have various OCB experiences it is total hell. Meaning that they are unable to eliminate their problems, no matter how spiritual or faithful their devotion and belief may be. For those in this quandary the judgment of others who think it is a result of negative thoughts and poor self control is a slap in the face.

Because of my health; chronic fatigue, brain fog, and depression problems I have been compelled to research and look for the causes. One could excuse this with the thought, that doing so is a way to justify myself. Most people would just give up and accept it or fail to become positive. I have chosen to make the best that I can with it, try to understand it, and hopefully help others, especially those who suffer its symptoms. For the close to 30% of the population that suffers some kind of these problems it is very real. The book “The UltraMind Solution” by Mark Hyman, M.D. has numerous instances proving these conditions, for example on page 128 about the topic of Methylation. Which is similar to Metallothionein a protein that results in heavy metal disease. see my research report on it at This is just one of hundreds of health conditions that are scientifically proven to cause compulsive behavior.

In researching to find the causes of my health issues I have discovered numerous scientific reports and instances documenting health conditions that cause OCB issues. Many have connected Autism, ADHD (attention deficit disorders) and brain functions of numerous kinds to compulsions. I have even discovered research proving concussions and brain injuries have resulted in changes in sexual behaviors, depression and suicides. (see article in this blog titled “Depression and Brain Injury”)

Included in the research about depression and brain injury is a very important fact which is; “OXIDATIVE STRESS CAN CAUSE INJURY TO THE BRAIN” You owe it to yourself to understand oxidative stress and how it can cause OCB, depression and a host of health issues. see oxidative stress on my web site

One can do a search of these topics in my Herb-Discovery web site “search box” and see scientific research reports verifying causes and diseases that list these symptoms. (Note: I do not use alternative information unless it is verified by scientific research with links so you can see and verify the science.) So it is no wonder those who suffer from these diseases are frustrated with the concepts that thoughts are the only cause of their problems. If it were so easy to just think positive thoughts and these conditions would disappear, wouldn’t it be wonderful? Why is it, that so many can accept diabetes or other diseases but cannot accept any that effect the mind or actions? In other words why do they think and teach thoughts will eliminate deviant behavior but not diabetes? Obviously because they have not seen or believe the research that I have found and post on my web site. Few people can project empthay to something they have not personally experienced. The majority of people, some estamate possibly 60% do not have the health issues that affect the other 30%. Thus because they have not experienced a health issue like depression they think their experience is correct and judge those who do have it as persons who have negative thoughts.

If there is anything my site and articles may do, I hope it is to help those who suffer from compulsive behaviors and other health issues to find some help. Also that those who have never experienced them to be less judgmental. A frequent topic on the TV show “Law and Order” is ridicule of people who go off their depression meds. It is a foolish and uninformed opinion that is opposite to actual facts and science. Did you know it is suspected that up to 30% of those on anti-depressants do not receive any benefit? Some state that often the meds aggravate the symptoms, make them worse or even cause suicide thoughts and actual suicide deaths. Consider the ads on TV by drug companies about new drugs to be taken with or if other depression drugs are not working. Why would they need a new drug if the first ones were working? For those who have never experienced depression I have a question, how long would you take a med that removed your sex drive, made your mind sluggish or inactive?

Did you know depression and OCB are listed as symptoms of numerous other diseases? What does this mean? It means anyone with any mental issues should understand that there can be underlying diseases and treating those diseases are reported to eliminate some emotional issues.

The mission of Herb Discovery is to collect scientific research about health and herbs that medical research lab scientists have discovered. It will be a wonderful thing when our doctors are prescribing what is best for us, not what makes the most money, whether it is herbs or prescription drugs. We deserve the best cures that are proven by science. When the medical field could not help me I turned to the alternative fields. I was disappointed there too and began to collect scientific research. Now I become informed and use what ever is best for me; medical doctors, alternative practitioners, herbs, or proper nutrition. I recently heard of a person who’s complexion is sick looking who does not eat anything except herbs. Such an attitude is unwise. There are marvelous cures offered by doctors as well as alternative practitioners and by herbs and nutrition. Become informed, seek more than one opinion and educate yourself as much as possible. Do not think that treating the symptom is the only way, there are proven underlying disease sources for most symptoms. Treating the symptom may mask the real issue which may allow the source disease to become worse. Too often our Dr’s prescribes a drug that does nothing to cure and only masks the symptoms, then prescribes new drugs to mask the side effects of the previous drug. It is not uncommon for some people to be prescribed twenty or more different drugs at a time. These problems are especially true for mental issues that are caused by an underlying disease. Dr Hyman’s belief to treat the body and the mind will heal its self is a proven fact that hundreds of research scientist and nutritionist have proven and are continuing to add new proofs every day.

I repeat my comment above, insert any topic or health issue you may have into my search box at and view the scientific research about it for yourself. Take that information and Google it and learn all you can to get the best scientific help you can find. Then come back and share your findings to help others.



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