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Prostrate Enlarged and Health Date Written  
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised  


1. "For men who suffer from prostate enlargement, saw palmetto is the place to start. Saw palmetto has a long history of diminishing inflammation and enlargement of the prostate as well as inhibiting the hormones which causes prostate enlargement...Another herb called "Pygeum africanum", comes from an African tree and has also been shown in research to reduce enlargement of the prostate as well as inflammation...Zinc is both helpful with enlarged prostates and with inflamed prostates. Studies (1) have shown that zinc deficiency results in prostate enlargement. Infection and other stress results in lower blood serum zinc levels in general and in particular lower prostate levels. In prostatitis - infection of the prostate - zinc levels are only 1/10 of those in a normal prostate (2).

2. " CONCLUSION: Red clover isoflavones can inhibit the proliferation and promote the apoptosis of human BPH stromal cells. PMID: 20180402 (authors's note: click links to see definitions of the words, This study shows red clover inhibits the multiplication of bad cells and promotes healing and reduction in swelling of the prostrate.)

3. "CONCLUSIONS: Daily oral administration of 60 mg of an isoflavone (red clover) extract was well tolerated and caused no side effects. The significant increase in liver transaminases and the significant decrease in total PSA levels by >30% indicates that patients, general practitioners, and urologists should be informed about these potential effects of red clover extracts and possibly other phytoestrogens, on liver transaminases and elevated total PSA levels." PMID: 18308079


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