The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Amygdala Retraining

A program to retrain the brain developed by Ashok Gupta.

1. Explanation of the program:

2. Pub Med "...A novel mind-body approach (amygdala retraining) is hypothesized to improve symptoms related to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue... RESULTS:Of the 44 patients randomly assigned who completed baseline assessments, 21 patients completed the study (14 in the standard care group and 7 in the study group). Median age was 48 years (range, 27-56 years), and female subjects comprised 91% of the group. Analyses demonstrated statistically significant improvements in scores for physical health, energy, pain, symptom distress, and fatigue in patients who received the amygdala retraining compared with standard care." Amygdala retraining program labratory (double blind test) proven to improve chronic fatigue and overall health.




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