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A review of EFT by Joe Holmes
EFT is an acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique reported to cause a Psychological Reversal.

EFT is a variation of TFT developed by Dr Roger Callahan twenty years ago. Dr. Callahan invented the phrase psychological reversal. Dr. Callahan was a Psychiatrist and studied acupressure “Touch for Health” by Dr John Thie. He then combined a therapy using psychiatry and acupressure that he named TFT. TFT was only taught to professional therapist and required a lot of technical knowledge.

A Minister named Gary Craig studied TFT under Dr. Callahan and revised it to make it simple and easy for non professionals and individuals to use. Mr. Craig has made it available to laypersons and non professionals with workshops and a free informative e-book and a complete video seminar with a certification.
If you have not been able to set goals and follow them, this may be your most important step to success.

This process claims to have changed lives, cured addictions, post traumatic syndrome, phobias, fears and emotional trauma in minutes. Even for some who have had regular therapy for years and have not been helped.

I tested this process in 1998 and found it somewhat effective. In my case I could not cure diabetes or other health issues, some claim it could do. I believe EFT is a powerful process and it definitely has helped me in some emotional situations. I now believe it could not work completely for me because of two conditions:

I believe it has just enough violation of our innate sense of freedom or control to compromise its full potential.
I believe my new LSFT process of love, sorry, forgive and thank you can make the EFT process more effective. This is because love is the most powerful energy in the universe and love does not work against the body’s free will. Therefore combining the two may make both more effective. free download, LSFT

Some describe EFT as reversing the polarity of the body’s electrical system as if the batteries or electrical circuits in the body are in reverse. Then assume that because the subconscious mind’s electrical system is in reverse it takes a reverse or negative affirmation to change it. It uses a reverse affirmation followed by a positive statement along with acupressure points. I have simplified the EFT process with pictures and short explanations below. To better understand how the body’s electrical system works including some scientific research go to.

Don’t think of EFT as a supernatural power. It is simply using the ancient meridians discovered by Chinese medicine along with a specific goal statement to change the subconscious mind.
How EFT works

Pick a problem: Pick one problem at a time. You may be able to group problems if they are closely related. You may have success on the first try or it may take many tries to reach the right phrase to change a problem.

If you are setting a goal it must be done in the reverse. This process uses a negative statement followed with a positive statement. Somehow this reaches the sub-conscious mind and effects an electric nerve change. If I wanted to lose weight the statement must be negative such as I am overweight, or I am 30 pounds overweight. If your statement does not produce a change in several days try a different statement until you find the one that your subconscious mind needs. For example, I do not want to lose weight, I enjoy my weight, and my weight is a padding to protect me.

The negative/positive statement phrase is: “Even though I have this (state your problem) I deeply and completely accept myself.

An example of the power of the right phrase is a person who stated, “Even though I have this fear of spiders I deeply and completely accept myself.” Later when they saw a moving spider they had a panic attack. They reprocessed with the statement, “Even though I have a fear of moving spiders I deeply and completely accept myself.” The second phrase worked. Every person will have different triggering phrases.

It is important to use prayer and heart energy to find what works and what does not. It is a classic example of ask, seek, and knock principal of prayer found in Matthew Chapter 7. You will not know what does and does not work until you apply it.

The following descriptions are for the illustrations

EB = Beginning of the eyebrow adjacent to the nose.

SE = Side of the eye parallel to the pupil.

UE = Under the eye. Directly under the pupil just below the edge of the bone under the eye.

UN = Under the nose.

CH = Between the chin and mouth in the “v” or grove between the lip and chin.

CB = Beginning of the collar bone. Under the collar bone as it connects to the breast bone or sternum. To find it place a finger on top and below the collar bone next to the shoulder and move the fingers toward the sternum until the finger under the collar bone meets the flat part of the chest.

UA = Under the arm. About 3? below the arm pit. Feel for a tender spot.

TH = Thumb. With the hand held vertical it is the spot at the base of the thumbnail on the top of the thumb. Side away from the hand.

IF = Index finger. At base of fingernail on side closest to thumb.

MF = Middle finger. At base of fingernail on side closest to thumb.

BF = Baby finger. Parallel to base of fingernail and half way between fingernail and pad or front side of finger.

KC = Karate chop. Hold hand on chest then find point half way between first knuckle of little finger and wrist on bottom of the hand.

SORE SPOT = Three inches below “v” of throat and three inches to either side. Feel in a circle of about 4? diameter for a tender spot.

STEP ONE: Determine the issue you want to work on and state it in a negative or reverse format within the following statement, “Even though I have this (state your problem) I deeply and completely accept myself” At each point you will be tapping seven times or you can shine a laser light on the point for two seconds. A laser light stimulates the point better than tapping and its light frequency is in harmony with the body. It also penetrates deeper. Because of these advantages a laser light can be more effective. You can obtain a laser light form a bet, hardware, or general store for about five dollars.


Tap or rub either of these points to activate the electrical impulses related to the actual EFT points, while stating your issue three times.


Shine laser light for 2 seconds on each point or tap seven times while saying the statement once at each point. Use either hand tap or rub each point. You do not need to tap both sides of the face or both hands, only one side of the face and one hand needs tapped.


Shine laser light or continuously tap the gamut point while performing each of these 9 actions.

STEP FIVE: Repeat STEP THREE “THE SEQUENCE” This is the sandwich effect with “THE SEQUENCE” as the first slice of bread, the “GAMUT” as the ham, and “THE SEQUENCE” as the second slice of bread.

I do not know how this works or exactly what it does other than it works. Nothing else I have ever tried works as well. If I find something better I will start using it. Use it on any and every thing. There is no limit to its possibilities.

What to do if it did not work: In some cases this process will not work. It can be due to a number of reasons. Usually it just needs a rephrasing of the statement until you find the right one.

Any time it does not work the first time repeat the process and include the words still and some.

For example, “Even though I still have some __________ I deeply and completely accept myself.”

This tells the subconscious that you recognize it is working on the affirmation and you are reinforcing or increasing the instruction to the subconscious.

Don’t give up. Rephrase the statement. I have found that it may take numerous different affirmations to find the one that completes the change. In a five-week period I have done over sixty processes. Some changes took twenty processes while others took only one. Some items I have not yet found a way to change. The fact that I have changed many items gives me hope to continue to try and find a way to change or improve others.

Here is a short process that may do the same as EFT


This process addresses the four parts of the brain. Front brain: Conscious thinking such as planning and goal setting. Back brain: Unconscious thinking controls heart beat and fight or flight Left brain: Logical, analyzes, objective, rational (needs proof before acting) Right brain: Feeling, intuitive, emotional, and creative (acts by emotions). Balance energy for better success and health balance energy. Find the two knobs or most prominent points on the forehead. One over each eye about half way between the eye and the hair line. These two points are called the frontal eminence points. They are like an electrical switch to reset the brain and release stress. Use a light touch and try to feel your pulse in each point at the same time. If the pulse does not have the same beat or rhythm on both sides your right/left brain is out of balance.

Hold a finger on each point and do the following processes. (Use either one hand or a finger from both hands)


Thank Your Body Process: While touching the frontal eminence points silently or vocally say, “I appreciate my body and express my love and thanks to it for all it does for me.”

I found this to be a powerful process. The first time I expressed appreciation to my body with this process I felt as if my body responded with an expression of deep balance and relaxation. When I think how many times I have thought negative thoughts about my body, I wonder what I was causing the water and matter in my body to look like.

Goal Setting With the Frontal Eminence Process:

Focus on the negative aspects of an item: Think of something you are having a problem with or that is bothering you. Think of all the negative aspects of the item you have selected to work on. Concentrate on your item for a few seconds or until you feel yourself breath deeper and your pulse begins to synchronize. Some will unconsciously take a deep breath and sigh. (If you cannot feel your pulse hold your fingers on the points until you feel different, usually less than 10 seconds.) (You may also place additional fingers around the points and search for the pulse with the additional fingers while keeping one finger on each point.)
Focus on the positive aspects of the item: Change your thinking to the positive aspect of the item you have selected. Think of the positive aspects of not having or changing the item. Try to imagine it completely eliminated or cured. For example, if you have a headache, focusing on it being gone may be impossible so think of things you can do if the headache is gone. Hold for approximately 10 seconds.
Focus on the happiest moment of your life: It can be your happiest moment or it can be a positive affirmation such as, I deeply love and completely accept myself. Or you may use a thought of a peaceful setting. Hold for approximately 10 seconds.

Think of this process similar to building a muscle. When lifting weights you use the process of resistance and repetition to retrain your muscle and brain to work with greater strength. This process is the same. You are reprogramming your brain to recognize what you want to change, then to see itself without the problem, then recognize you are a good person.

This process does three things:

Brings blood to the front of the brain.
Allows the front of the brain to give instructions to the back brain and the back brain to receive the instructions and act on them.
Enhances the electrical currents between the right and left brain so you become more balanced between emotions and logic.

If you do not get anything else out of this material and you learn this technique you will have received tremendous value. Many people eliminate stress or headaches in a minute or less. You can do this anywhere or anytime.

Use this or EFT anytime you are feeling stressed, have a crisis or want to reinforce your goals.

Keep in mind this is a review and you should study each on your own to make and informed decision for yourself. Go to Google or your favorite search engine and type EFT and you will find hundreds of people who offer help with it.
go to and download a free summary of the LSFT process. It can change your life, bring you greater love, peace, joy, success and health. If everyone used it, our world would become a safer and better place. Help our planet by downloading it, then send it to all your family and friends.

See other research articles and Reports on my site and pass them on to others who may benefit from them. I welcome guest articles and comments.
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Joe Holmes





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