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Muscle Testing (kinesology)

Muscle testing is a way to use the electrical meridians of the body to obtain yes or no answers concerning health and nutrition. It is based on the truth that everything in the universe has either a positive or negative atomic structure. Muscle testing simply determines an items positive or negative relationship to ones body.

Dr. Emoto's water experiments prove our thoughts affect water either positively or negatively. Kinesology is simply aligning our electrical energy with the matter of anything to determine its positive or negative affect to our body.

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Kinesiology (muscle testing) has a lot of scientific research and support. It is simply the electrical impulses in the muscles and the mind that respond to anything positive or negative. It is a subconscious response to positive or negative substances, thoughts or items that makes a muscle stronger or weaker.

I know those who have never heard of this are likely to disbelieve it. It works for many people and if you give it a sincere test as I describe, you may find it a helpful tool for your path.

The best way to test this is to select two objects that you know have a positive and a negative effect on your body. A negative item could be bug spray, rat poison, toxic cleaner, antifreeze, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. A positive item could be a delicious organic apple, or some natural food (free as possible from processing or toxic additives). Once you have selected the two items, stand up with just enough rigidity in the legs to remain upright, yet flexible enough that a person’s finger could push you forward or backward. Next, place one of the objects over your thymus (center of the chest, half way between the collar bones and diaphragm. The thymus is considered to be the body’s center for meridian electrical energy. Now, let your body automatically move forward or backward. If you have allowed your legs to be flexible you should feel your body automatically moving backward from the negative item and forward with the positive item. Let the body react as it wants, without input from the brain. (Some get better results facing North as they do this procedure, and some focus on a picture of Christ, Buda or whatever promotes positive feelings for you while eliminating negative influences.). It’s as though the thymus wants to get away from negative and go toward positive. Some may need to experiment with this numerous times in order to learn how to let their subconscious allow the body to move.

I have seen some that cannot make this technique work. Usually it is someone who is not receptive to this concept and cannot let their mind relax (believe) enough to allow it to work. Some people think it is in violation to God and an evil concept. There is a lot of new scientific research on the electrical aspects of the mind and body that prove our body is electrical and responds to negative or positive stimuli, just as there is a positive and negative charge in a car battery. It works just like a switch or light bulb and lets the energy (electricity) flow in a positive or negative direction.

Once you have perfected this process with the two objects, try it with other things. You can also use it to ask yourself yes or no questions of either a positive or negative state. Try it next time you buy a health related item. For example, if you are buying vitamin C, hold it over your chest and ask if it is good for you. If there are several selections, test each while asking, “Is this one better for me than the others?”
In addition to muscle testing with the item over the thymus, there are numerous other ways to perform muscle testing. I like using my index finger over the second finger on my right hand,

Hold the fingers against each other with a minimal amount of pressure then use the same process as the standing example. Ask a question that you know will have a positive answer and the fingers should stick together. Ask a negative question and the fingers should slip apart. It may take a while for you to become proficient with this process. You can override this finger muscle test by being rigid or not flexible in either mind or muscle. If you cannot trust or believe this process you will likely get unreliable results. It requires just enough energy to hold or slip, but not enough to skew the answer. It requires practice and confidence (faith). Ask different questions for the same item in negative and positive ways to see if you get consistent answers. For example ask if it is good for you, and then ask if it is bad for you. See if you get the same result both times. Practice with items you know are either positive or negative until you get accurate results with this process.
In this procedure, you always ask yes or no questions. It works best on things pertaining to the past or present; I do not recommend using it for the future. You can ask any question that is needful for you! If you ask things that are not needful or not right for you, you may not get good answers. For example, it may not be wise or even in your best interest to use it to seek worldly or frivolous things. Your subconscious mind knows what is and isn’t good for you. Be wise and use it with prayer and faith in God and it can be a valuable tool for your life.

CAUTION! Do not give muscle testing 100% authority every time. It is vulnerable to emotions and energy. I use it as a guide with
about 80-90% accuracy, then use the ask, seek and knock aspects of prayer to validate my results.

Some people claim to be able to rely 100% on this test, but I have not been able to. Anyone new to it should not either, until they have experienced it, and proven its reliability for them. I do not recommend making life altering decisions with this test alone.

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