The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Overview of herb reviews.

One of the reasons I began this site is because the medical industry teaches to stop taking herbs or that they are dangerous.

This site collects and reviews the science about herbs to verify which are scientifically proven to work safe. Many reports state an herb will accelerate a drug like insulin, making it work better.

Truth prevails every time, it may take a while to get some to accept it, but eventually it will prevail. That is why everything on this site will be reviews of proven science with links so you can read and verify its truth for yourself.

Modern medicine, food and even supplements
are not always about what is right,
but what makes the most profits.

My dream and vision is to see the day modern
medicine and alternative medicine both
work together using what ever is proven
safest and best for our health, with a joint
method of treatment, without
or motivations relating to money!
Joe Holmes

As I began my research the following facts shocked and alarmed me. They are proven truths verified by facts not hype or speculation.

First: Yes herbs can be dangerous, if used in higher doses than recommended, and if used without knowing when to use them and what they can do. Herbs are medicine and must be used wisely! Some people think because it is a natural food it is automatically safe, that is not true. Some herbs are poison or toxic at certain levels. Combining herbs often makes the combination unsafe because they have an accelerated synergy making the new whole much more effective than individually, thus they may become too strong. Often supplements are not properly evaluated for their effects upon each other. Too many in the supplement business just throw a bunch of herbs together without really understanding their combined safety and effectiveness. Others make unsubstantiated claims and if they refer to science reports they seldom provide links that could verify that they are using the report the right way. That is why every research report on this site will have a hyperlink so you can see it for yourself.

Second: And yes they can conflict with some drugs. Probably not from what the doctors would have us believe, but because often they are the same or similar to the drug and taking an herb will increase the amount of medicine we are getting to an unsafe dose.

Third: Most if not all drugs are derived from an herb, or its chemistry is the base foundation for the drug.

Fourth: Herbs are not the best treatment in every case, sometimes a pharmaceutical drug is better, and even life saving. For example it would be absolutely foolish for an insulin dependent diabetic to stop taking insulin because an herb is reported to treat diabetes. Wisdom and prudence is necessary and what ever is safest and best should be the rule to make any health decision. This means one must seek the truth not hype, speculation, experimentation or fantastic marketing claims. Likewise it would be foolish to consult an energy healer to repair a broken leg. Doctors are highly educated with years of training and although they may not accept herbs the way they ought to, they are usually well intentioned and sincere. Likewise they have access to the most modern testing and evaluation equipment available.

Fifth: Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent an herb because the U.S. patent laws forbid patenting a natural food or herb.

  1. The drug companies look for research all over the world about natural herbs that have medicinal properties.
  2. Research labs all over the world are studying the traditional history about herbs then taking them to their labs and testing them with scientific methods.
  3. They then write detailed reports that they try to sell to pharmaceutical companies
  4. The drug company that buys the report and the lab do not share their findings with other drug companies or other labs in order to protect their investments.
    1. This means that if a lab in China studying Alzheimer's finds a cure for diabetes, they are not going to share it with a lab that is studying diabetes. Nor is the lab studying diabetes and finds a cure for Alzheimer's going to share it with another lab.
    2. The tragic result is that there is new research taking place that if it were combined in one place could provide an acceleration of the cures for many diseases.
      1. It is the mission of herb-discovery to provide one place for research categorized by disease and other topics.
      2. To our knowledge no other web site is doing this, there are hundreds using research to market or educate, often without letting readers see the source of the research.
      3. None are collecting research into one site like we are doing.
        1. The result is, that we are finding correlating reports which provide information not being recognized.
      4. The pub med site contains much of the sources for our reports and has a great database of research, however it is not categorized by disease topics or specifically organized, nor is it using the various reports to compare and combine knowledge that could provide greater cures.
  5. It costs the U.S. drug companies up to ten million dollars to get a drug approved by the FDA.
    1. This along with their not sharing research with other labs means that they hurry to find and get their drug on the market before their competition.
    2. They then market it with great vigor to recoup their investment.
    3. If the drug is discovered to have serious side effects they are unlikely to remove it from the market to protect their profits.
  6. The science of producing a patented pharmaceutical drug means that they break down all the components within an herb, (there may be hundreds of chemical components) then they remove a few natural compounds and add some new compounds from a foreign source. Then they can claim it as a new compound that is patentable.
    1. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that when you take a natural food or herb and play with its chemistry that it has the potential to become less safe, with less potential to heal than the original natural form.
    2. All one has to do is listen to any modern drug T. V. commercial or read one in a magazine, and see all the disclaimers about how it may do this or that harm to the body, to realize drugs are not always as safe as the source herb.
    3. Lab science research reports prove the wonderful help they will do in their natural form often reporting no side effects were found in their testing. Yet the altered new drug derived from the herb reports numerous side effects.
    4. Note; one aspect of new lab research are discoveries of extracting useful components from a food or herb into a new man made natural compound. Among these new compounds are some new super foods that retain the natural healing powers of the original item, while eliminating any negative effects of the original food or herb.
  7. Drug companies marketing methods:
    1. They provide millions of dollars to schools that teach doctors, including grants to doctors to write medical text books. This allows them to control the medical schools and the information taught to new doctors.
    2. Along with the AMA, FDA and FTC they persecute any clinic, doctor or alternative practitioner or manufacturer as much as they can to prevent and stop them from using herbal treatments that compete with them.
      1. They shut down many clinics who use herbal treatments telling us that they were practicing medicine not approved by the FDA.
      2. The FDA did not have authority to approve an herb until the recent Hatch sponsored bill that now gives them some authority.
      3. Since neither the AMA or the FDA has the power to shut down a clinic they contact the FTC stating the clinic is doing false advertising. The FTC shuts down the clinic, stating they are practicing medicine not approved by the FDA even though the FDA did not have the power to approve the natural herbs or treatments in the first place.
    3. They spend millions paying off our elected congress members through legal and possibly illegal lobbying tactics.
    4. They pay AMA and medical doctors to attend seminars to educate them with the newest drugs and pharmaceutical slanted education. This can include junkets (vacations to exotic places) where just enough education is provided to claim a legal status.
    5. Another terrible device they use is to testify and lobby to congress to ban certain herbs from the market place. This was done for ephedrine. Ephedrine was being over prescribed and over dosed by the weight loss industry with some dangerous and harmful results. There are two factors to consider with this ban.
      1. Ephedrine was a huge competitor to pharmaceutical weight loss drugs and affecting their profits.
      2. Ephedrine caused a fraction of the harm Tylenol has and still is doing and it is not being regulated.
        1. This proves that Congress sanctions the attacks on herbs that are competition to drug companies while nothing is done to protect the public from drugs that cause harm.
  8. Food additives with excito-toxins in them are on the safe foods list of the FDA even though there is undisputed chemical proof that they cause obesity, oxidative stress and mutated hormone production.
    1. The additives often are artificial flavoring and their regulation would cost the food industry millions of dollars.
    2. Yet our health is sacrificed and Congress and the government even the FTC will not regulate this harm nor stop the false advertising by food labels claiming no MSG added. Yet they will pounce on any herb clinic without just cause.
  9. I no longer support or contribute to research foundations, because;
    1. The American Diabetes foundations monthly magazine is reported to be paid for entirely by a drug company, this controls the Diabetes Foundation to keep them quiet about herbal research.
    2. Each research foundation obscures herb research in favor of pharmaceutical drugs. For example if you look hard enough you will find some herb information on the American Diabetes Foundations web site, yet they never promote it even if it is better than drugs.
    3. Cancer research foundations focus only on drugs even though there are lab reports reporting cancer cures with herbs. Perdue University fifteen years ago reported an herbal prostate cancer cure ten million times better than chemo. It has been verified by other labs, yet no one in the medical industry will tell their patients about it, and research labs continue to ask us to send them money to find cures that are already proven and that they are ignoring.
    4. Research foundations would go out of business if they reported present proven herbal cures. In other words if they reported existing proven herbal cures they would no longer have a job.


This story is horrible, but not fictitious and truth will prevail.

So it is no wonder when I say modern medicine is about profits not cures,
and much of the supplement industry is not any better?






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