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Cuscuta Seed Date Written 2007
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised  

"Cuscuta Seed This Chinese herb has been widely used to improve vision, for nourishing the sperm, and for strengthening bones and ligaments, it also improves sexual function, and has been used to great extent to treat sexual impotence. Cuscuta Seed has been used as a long-term tonic for supporting strengthening the urinary and sexual functions of the male genitalia. Cuscuta seed has been used for relief of premature ejaculation, for treating frequent urination and sypmptoms of leukorrhea as well as for an aching lower back (connected to kidney problems – associated with weak sexual function). In all traditional Chinese pharmacopoeias the Cuscuta seed extract referred to as aphrodisiac traditionallyassociated with better sexual performance. Cuscuta is connected to stronger sexual performance and increased libido (for both men and women), more powerful ejaculations, and support for better fertility. " (1)






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