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Muira Pauma Date Written 2007
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised  

"Muira Pauma has a great reputation in its native South America, but is actually a simple nettle root with remarkable sexual balancing properties. It is a powerful anti-estrogen, typically dosed at about 1 to 2.5 grams per day. It likely also has some libido boosting properties as it affects the nitrogen uptake process, but its primary mode of action is still as an anti-estrogen. Male Andropause and hormonal prostatitis is often misinterpreted by surrounding people as a case of mid-life crises. Men in their mid 40's often undergo a hormone related change in their personality. It is believed the hormone substance called prolactin is key in setting off a process that causes the prostate to start swelling later in life and causing other painful side effects.A study conducted in France concluded that, out of 262 male patients experiencing low libido and erection problems, more than half of the men reported that the of Muira Puama extract "had a dynamic effect" and was beneficial to their condition." (1)







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