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Tribulus Terrestris Date Written 2007
Author Joe Holmes Date Revised  

" Tribulus terrestris is a tropical vine common in sandy soil throughout India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The herb has been used since ancient times in India as a powerful treatment for both male and female sexual problems, and is highly popular for its potent role in supporting reproductive function. Tribulus has been widely tested for its efficacy in enhancing sperm quality and mobility, and for increasing libido and sexual performance. It has also been the subject of clinical attention, and is widely used to aid in muscle performance and recovery in body building. Tribulus works by increasing the levels of Luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, in some studies by as much as by 72%, and free testosterone levels by 41%. It is a well known fact that increased testosterone is one key factor in increasing libido and heightening sexual response – and erection strength – in human males. Recent clinical studies show that tribulus has been proven to improve sexual desire and enhance erections. Tribulus terrestris can, however, be used by both men and women." (1)






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