The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Super Foods and Spices (This page will be under ongoing research and development as new information comes.)

We have become so enamored with fast and tasty that anything that is not full of food flavoring (MSG) or sugar we won't eat. We turn our noses up at the mention of sardines, yet they are one of the best natural sources of the omega oils we need to fight diseases such as cancer. Mixtures of the super foods listed below can overcome this problem.

We are bombarded with information about eating better foods, yet it is confusing and difficult to decipher. Our fast food life style and busy schedules make it difficult to prepare proper nutrition for ourselves and our families. When we go shopping many of us who are trying to learn how to eat better do not have the knowledge of what to buy or how to prepare it. Unfortunately raw foods are not quick and take more time.

Here are some vital reasons to change our diets:

  • Hydrogenated and saturated oils.
    • Prepared foods are full of hydrogenated and saturated oils that harden the outer shell of our cells.
    • This impedes proper cell to cell communication, nutrition, chemicals and electricity going into the cells and trash removed through the lymph system.
    • Margarine and processed alternative butter products harden the cell lining which scientist report causes cancer, diabetes and makes us sick.
    • Researchers have proved that high fats do not do the damage the low fat diet marketers would have us believe. In fact it is just the opposite. Excessive meats can harm us but we need the essential amino acids in meat and it is recommended that meat does not exceed 25% of our diet .
  • MSG artificial food flavoring,
    • Prepared foods contain harmful MSG, (excitotoxins) even those labeled "No MSG added". MSG is in 40 plus food additives contained in the products that say no MSG has been added.
    • MSG poisons our organs and prevents them from generating healthy cells, proper cell to cell communication, and causes new cells and hormones to be sick. Hormones run our immune system, so is any wonder we have higher immune system problems.
    • Research labs feed baby mice high doses of MSG to make them fat, then use them to test diet drugs to sell to us to reduce the obesity the MSG we are eating has done to us.
  • All artificial sugars such as aspartame and nutri sweet are excitotoxins that poison our organs and mutate hormones.
  • Table salt harms us, however researchers state 'sea salt' does not harm us. Processed foods are often very high in harmful table salt.

Read our reports on excitoxins, MSG, salt, low fat diets, and put any term into our search engine to find scientific reports about these topics.

Type Brain Food   Research references and info, under development.
Apples or dark juice     Delicious and Granny Smith have the highest antioxidant values, and Granny Smith does not feed Candida Yeast
Black Beans / lentils     Dark lentils have the highest antioxidant value, black beans are higher than peas.
Blueberries     All berries have high antioxidants, Blue berries may have higher antioxidants than others, Bill berry is best if you can get it.
Butternut Squash      
Chocolate / unsweetened      
Cinnamon 5% oil      
Eggs x    
Flax seeds      
Green Tea      
Leafy greens      
Pumpkin seeds      
Sweet potatoes x    
Swiss chard x    
Walnuts x    

Condiments, oils, spices and additives that are best.
Type Brain Food   Research references and info. under development
Cooking oil / olive oil     Avoid all hydrogenated or saturated oils such as corn oils. Olive oil is high in N-3
Salt     Visit the salt reports under food category.
Stevia (sugar alternative)     Stevia does not contain any carbohydrates and will not raise glucose. report
Vitamins B 12, D      



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