The purpose of this site is to collect lab research by medical doctors about herbs that are proven to treat illnesses and counter the false attacks on herbs by the medical industry and false claims by alternative medicine. I let the science tell the facts.
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Excito Toxin
Excito toxins are a terrible threat to our health, yet
the government allows these known (proven) toxins
to be added to our food.
Excito Toxins mutate our hormones and make us sick

The health industry promotes exercise and other remedies for obesity while ignoring that these toxins are proven to cause obesity. They then prescribe drugs to counter the effects of the excitotoxins. This makes the drug, health and food industries billions of dollars. An income that would be greatly reduced if toxins were removed from our food. Excitotoxins are proven to cause depression, then instead of the health industry warning us, they ignore it, and prescribe antidepressants and other drugs. Again an income that would be greatly reduced if our foods were free from excitoxins.

What is most terrible with excitotoxins is that our government is allowing food manufactures to not only use these toxins, but letting them obscure the truth from us. The truth in labeling is a joke when it comes to MSG one of the excitotoxins. The FDA allows food manufactures and restaurants to use MSG products without disclosing that they have MSG. See a list of the problems and hidden substances that have MSG in it on our MSG page. The FDA even allows food manufacturers to state on their labels "No MSG added" and the food will have one or more of the more than 40 items that contain MGS. This is a serious and criminal act by our government who instead of allowing food companies to poison us should be protecting us. If this were not bad enough, they are going after healthy herbs and banning them while ignoring proven toxins and poisons.

We the people are like the man going to the wood pile to get wood for his stove. As he approaches the wood pile, he smells a strong odor of a skunk. Since he does not see a skunk he proceeds to the wood pile and gets sprayed. The governments actions are next to impossible to prove, yet the odor is evident. If we do not as a consuming public, make our concerns vocal we will continue to get sicker and sicker at the hands of those who profit from making us sick. Despite all the proof of the harm of these excitotoxins there are those who are denying it and covering it up, just as the tobacco industry tried to do some years ago.

An Excitotoxin upsets our hypothalamus, thus our immune system. See our graph of how the hypo cretin system is responsible for a healthy immune system. In addition to upsetting the immune system these toxins cause oxidative stress, which in turn causes many diseases. Diseases such as type II diabetes are caused by oxidative stress. This means if these toxins were not prevalent in our food our rapidly increasing incidences of type II diabetes may be greatly reduced. If type II diabetes were reduced just look at the savings it would make in our health care. No wonder the AMA, drug and health industry is obscuring this information.

On our MSG page we show proof that an excitotoxon causes hyper sexuality and sexual problems. Could it be that these excitotoxins are causing our present increase in gay, lesbian, transgender, sexual deviancy, pornography and sex crimes? After all the name tells us what it is, and does; excito meaning increase of excititory (hormone) response by a toxin. In other words it upsets the hormonal balance in the hypothalamus, thus causing hormonal problems of all kinds, including sexual problems and diseases caused by hormone upset. Then again instead of our health industry warning us about these toxins, they prescribe all kinds of drug and psychotic therapy. Treatments that may be totally elimanated if excitotoxins were removed form our processed foods. It makes one wonder how many crimes and sexual assaults would be eliminated by removing these excitotoxins from processed foods?

What food compounds are excitotoxins? MSG Monosudiud Glutimate is the leading compound and as stated above it has over 40 compounds used in our processed foods to hide the fact that the food has MSG. The second leading excitotoxin is Aspertame. The company that manufactures aspertame is changing the name to AminoSweet to deceive those who are trying to avoid the dangers of asperttame. Should't the FDA be protecting us from this kind of deception? Another excitotoxin is nutrisweet. Isn't it interesting that artifical sweetners are being promoted to help us diet and lose weight, when in fact they are proven to cause obesity.

1. "Excitotoxicity is the pathological process by which nerve cells are damaged and killed by glutamate and similar substances...These enzymes go on to damage cell structures such as components of the cytoskeleton, membrane, and DNA. Excitotoxicity may be involved in spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease, alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal and Huntington's disease.[3][4] Other common conditions that cause excessive glutamate concentrations around neurons are hypoglycemia[5] and status epilepticus.[6]

2. "Excitotoxin (Science: protein) class of substances that damage neurons through paroxysmal overactivity. They are toxins that bind to certain receptors (e.g., certain glutamate receptors) and may cause neuronal cell death.The best known excitotoxins are the excitatory amino acids, that can produce lesions in the cNS similar to those of Huntingdon's chorea or alzheimers disease. Excitotoxicity is thought to contribute to neuronal cell death associated with stroke."

3. "Excitotoxins in foods. ...excitatory neurotoxins (excitotoxins) encountered in human food supply. The most frequently encountered food excitotoxin is glutamate (Glu) which is commercially added to many foods despite evidence that it can freely penetrate certain brain regions and rapidly destroy neurons by hyperactivating the NMDA subtype of Glu receptor. Hypersensitivity of NMDA receptors during development makes the immature nervous system especially sensitive to Glu excitotoxicity. On the other hand, elderly consumers are particularly sensitive to domoic acid, a powerful excitotoxic Glu analog that activates both NMDA and non-NMDA receptors. A high content of domoic acid in shell fish caused a recent food poisoning incident that killed some elderly victims and caused brain damage and memory impairment in others. Neurolathyrism is a crippling neurodegenerative condition associated with ingestion of a legume that naturally contains BOAA, an excitotoxic Glu analog that hyperactivates non-NMDA receptors. Thus, the human food supply is a source of excitotoxins that can damage the brain by one type of mechanism to which immature consumers are hypervulnerable, or by other mechanisms to which adult and elderly consumers are peculiarly sensitive. PMID: 7854587 Authors note; This is a medical research report by doctors yet our medical industry is failing to warn us aabout these dangers in our food additivies that are killing people.





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